Baylor basketball recruiting is child's play

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In less than a week, we've seen three Baylor recruiting tactics leaked out from the recruits, and all of them are questionable. It's not that they're dirty or illegal moves (we all know Baylor wouldn't do something like that); Baylor's recruiting method appears to be rather childish. It's almost like a 12-year-old oversees the contact with the players. So check out these three examples of how Baylor is attempting to lure in its recruits and then let me know what you think. Maybe I'm just looking at it the wrong way. (Keep in mind, John Calipari shows off his ring and photos with Jay-Z.) ----------------------------- "KING RASHAD!" "Rashad, Baylor's NEXT step is the Final Four... We are waiting for you to come and lead us to promise land! You will be the King of Baylor!" Maybe this is how everyone does it. I don't know. Believe it or not, I didn't get a lot of letters from elite basketball programs when I was a senior in high school. But to me, the King Rashad approach is laughable. If I'm Rashad Vaughn, I drop Baylor from my list as soon as I see this corny letter. I bet he's not the only one to get it, either. ----------------------------- Litter the porch with flyers. How did Baylor approach Julius Randle as soon as the fall contact period started? They littered Julius Randle's front porch with flyers from the coaching staff. According to yesterday's USA Today story, Randle's mother stepped outside for a jog and found over 30 flyers scattered everywhere. It's like a high school prank done by grown men. Now go pick all of them up, Scott Drew. ----------------------------- Text messages. A lot of them. Also from the Julius Randle story:  "(Randle's mother) gets a text from Baylor that just repeats the word “Baylor” over and over." WHAT? Who does that? How old are you, 10? ----------------------------- If you were Rashad Vaughn or Julius Randle, would any of this work on you???

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