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Beauty and the Geek

by:Matt Jones01/11/06
Tomorrow night begins one of my favorite shows, Beauty and the Geek, a show that pits eight beautiful women with eight geeky guys in an effort to have them learn what they can from each other. I love the premise of the show and the execution because it combines two of my favorite types of people....clueless hot women with really, really dorky guys. As anyone who knew the fraternity I was in college can attest, I love being around geeks and find them enormously entertaining. However the stars of this show to me are the women and the mindless things they say. Here are examples from tonight's casting special. (1) In response to the question, "What is the sun?", Amanda said, " A planet, but not one that we live on, because it is so hot and so far away." (2) In response to a question as to what a girl could teach the geeks, Sally said, "Well I dont know a lot of things, but I can teach them the best oils to use for tanning." (3) When asked where one would be facing if they were standing in California and were facing the Atlantic Ocean, Rhonda said, "Left." (4) When asked what her policy if she was president would be on the environment, Kate said, "Well I would start by telling people that when they change their baby's diaper, they should not throw it out in the yard.....because that is land pollution." These and other gems make Beauty and the Geek a great at the end, the girls cry and say that they have wasted their lives dating superficial guys when these great geeks are out there.....but then as soon as they leave the show, they all call Colin Farrell on speed dial.

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