Big Band Jamal

Big Band Jamal

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
group01.jpeg I remember when I first found out that Carlos Toomer wrote poetry....I thought to myself, "it is unlikely that any former UK player will surprise me this much ever again." Well folks, I was wrong. One of my favorite Cats of all time, Jamal Magloire, apparently has his own Caribbean Band. Yes, the Big Cat, who is from Toronto, is an afficianado of Big Band Caribbean music and started and sponsored a band known as "The Toronto Revellers." The Revellers enter contests around the country and just this year finished first in the annual Caribana Festival in Toronto. tr_jm2.jpeg Jamal is known throughout his hometown for his charity work and he is a local legend in the Great White North. And now we find out that Jamal has quite the cultural side as well. Good for the Big what is the next cultural find we discover from former UK players. Who knows.....maybe we will find out that Jared Prickett is a star ballet dancer, Rodney Dent can play the pan flute and Nate Knight has his own Benedictine Monk chant ensemble.

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