Blake Griffin jumps over car: Count me unimpressed

Blake Griffin jumps over car: Count me unimpressed

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Blake Griffin will very likely go down as the greatest jumper in the history of the NBA, barring injury.  And that is really saying something for a guy who has played half a season and follows guys like Michael Jordan, Dominique Wilkens, Julius Erving, and Kenny Sky Walker.  But, was anyone else unimpressed by Griffin's jumping over the car last night?  First of all, the entire hype leading up to the dunk was nearly unwatchable.  The Crenshaw Choir was maybe the worst idea ever created for the all-star weekend.  And as much as I love Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley, what the hell were they doing last night?  Intentionally trying to be the most annoying people on Earth, also called pulling a BTI. Anyway, the fact that Griffin jumped over the shortest part of the car seemed unimpressive to me. I would be willing to bet there are 25-30 current NBA players who could do what Griffin did last night. Now, if Griffin had jumped over the top of the car, I would have called it the most impressive dunk in history. And with the hype surrounding Griffin before the contest, I was underwhelmed. Personally, I thought Javale McGee had a better set of dunks. Also, did anyone catch Javale Mcgee's mother assault Dr. J with her lips?  Or maybe he liked it?

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