Blogger Contest: Chris Thomas Profiles John Clay

Matt Jonesalmost 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
The Blogger Contest has creeped into the Fall as we expected, but will likely end to allow new bloggers for 2011. This round involved each contestant profiling a media personality. Some agreed to interviews and some did not. John Clay of the Herald Leader did not, but Chris Thomas still did a John Clay Profile anyway. Here it is: startrek startrek2 startrek32 Matt's Take: I must admit that when I saw the Star Trek picture, I was worried. I generally associate Star Trek with "awful" and I thought we would have a situation where I might have to punt you into Dorkville rather than move you to the next round. However once I read the actual article, I thought it was very well done. It is tough to do a profile when the individual being profiled doesnt participate....but you handled it well and I commend you. The connection to a battle was a good analogy and you utilized a lot of the Kentucky figures. I might try to make it grab the reader a bit more at the beginning as it was a bit of a labor to get to the good stuff on page 2 and 3, but overall I think it was a solid job. Nicely done.

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