Blue Got In: That time Happy Chandler wore the Power K at the MLB All-Star Game

Blue Got In: That time Happy Chandler wore the Power K at the MLB All-Star Game

Drew Franklinover 1 year


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It's Flashback Friday and in this week's edition we are taking Big Blue Nation back to the 1981 Major League Baseball All-Star Game. Why, you ask? That's a great question. I knew you'd be confused. You see, back in the year 1981, former Kentucky governor Happy Chandler had great seats at the MLB All-Star Game. Nobody in front of him, Bob Hope to his immediate left, George Bush two down from him, a real nice and unobstructed view of the best from the American and National Leagues. I assume he got those seats because he was the league's commissioner from 1945-51. They called him the "Players' Commissioner" because he established the first pension fun. He did this between his two stints as our governor in the great Commonwealth of Kentucky. Anyway, back to why we're here on this Friday before Memorial Day Weekend in 2020. The 1981 All-Star Game re-aired on Fox Sports last week and right after the game's shining moment, when the Kissing Bandit stormed the field to kiss pitcher Len Barker, the broadcast cut over to Happy Chandler and Bob Hope and George Bush in their awesome seats and my man Happy was wearing the most pristine, crisp Power K hat you'll see anywhere. Not only is it a GREAT hat, he wore it to a non-Kentucky sporting event outside of Kentucky. There was no reason to rock the Power K at the MLB All-Star Game, but Happy Chandler saw an opportunity for blue to get in and he got it in. It's what Big Blue Nation does. We wear our stuff everywhere. So enough talking about it, see for yourself in the video below. It won't fill the baseball emptiness in your Memorial Day weekend, but it's better than no baseball. And if I'm being completely honest, all of this was just an excuse to push the Power K agenda. We need it back.    

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