Bob Huggins says his team would have a better chance if he and Calipari played one-on-one

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Bob Huggins is well aware of the task facing West Virginia on Thursday night. Even though his players seem to be adopting the "it's just another game" mantra, Huggy Bear doesn't buy it. "I mean, it's not another game," Huggins told reporters last night. "It's because it's in the Sweet 16. It's in the NCAA Tournament and it's one-and-done. So you can't just say it's another game." Huggins and John Calipari go way back and Huggins says he has a ton of respect for Cal. When a reporter reminded Huggins that he's 8-2 against Cal, Huggins shot back "Who's counting?". "He's an absolutely terrific coach," Huggins said. "I've got -- I mean John and I tease each other a lot. But I've got great respect for him and for what he's done and what he's been able to accomplish. So, like I said, he'll have them ready. He always has them ready." In fact, Huggins joked his team would have a better chance if he and Calipari went one-on-one instead. "I wish I could play against Cal," Huggins said. "We'd have a better chance. But he'll have them ready. He always does. He does a great job." I'd actually like to see that.

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