Boogie Knows What's Up

Boogie Knows What's Up

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With his friendship with Calipari and the recent interview with Pitino and Cal, Jim Rome has really had some great stuff concerning the Cats recently.  He's got a solid perspective on the way Coach Cal deals with elite players and how he puts his kids first without compromising the idea of 'team'.  DeMarcus Cousins spoke with Rome today about Calipari's methods.  It's obvious that Boogie 'gets it', and that may be due to Cal. DeMarcus dropped some great lines, although we all probably knew it.  He spoke about how Calipari tells elite players that you can 'be the man' by getting your teams wins, instead of dropping 40 points a game.  Cousins could've gone to UAB, as he once planned, and averaged 30+ a game, but he bought into Cal's idea of winning being more important than individual numbers.  DeMarcus mentioned on John Wall and Eric Bledsoe may have had their heads on a bit more striaght when they arrived on campus, and maybe his need to learn and mature more at first is why he got such a bad rap. Also, Cousins spoke on how Cal approaches the NBA factor when recruiting kids -- instead of saying "Come here because I can get you to the NBA", Coach Cal says "If you work hard, you can get yourself to the NBA.  And I can give you a great stage, facilities, and teammates to do so, all while winning big in the process."  More or less. DeMarcus is currently killing it in the NBA, as he is the youngest player in the league leading his team in both points and rebounds.  Special talent and great, misunderstood guy.

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