Bossman Fat Leads the Nation in Interceptions

Bossman Fat Leads the Nation in Interceptions

Nick Roush12 months


Article written by:Nick RoushNick Roush


Kelvin Joseph, the Kentucky cornerback best known is Bossman Fat, has proved through six games that he's one of the best defensive backs in America. The LSU transfer did not captivate the entire Big Blue Nation in week one. Seth Williams did what Seth Williams has done to every opponent this year and had his way with UK's secondary. The same could be said about Lane Kiffin's offense at Ole Miss. Many Kentucky fans were prepared to downgrade the Bossman to an intern. He responded by making play after play after play. Last Saturday the Georgia Bulldogs were marching into Kentucky territory, threatening to completely put the game out of reach. Fat gave the Cats one more chance with a toe-tapping interception near the sideline. That play gave Joseph his third interception of the season. There are no other college football players with more picks than Bossman Fat, who's now averaging one pick every other football game. Nineteen others have recorded three interceptions in 2020. How do those numbers compare to his predecessors? Only three Wildcats since 2009 have picked off more passes in a 12-game season than Bossman Fat has done in half the time. Thanks to Fat's pick and Phil Hoskins' tip drill in the red zone, the Wildcats have 11 interceptions through six games, tied with Wake Forest for the most interceptions in college football.

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