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Bozos Present Expansion Plans for NCAA Tournament

Nick Roushby:Nick Roush06/19/24


The NCAA, one of the greatest collections of idiots ever assembled, continues to shoot itself in the foot. This time the bozos are moving forward to ruin the only thing they do well, the NCAA Tournament.

Dan Gavitt, a.k.a Tweedle-Dee the NCAA vice president for men’s basketball, shared expansion plans with conference commissioners on Wednesday. According to Ross Dellenger, the models presented were to add either four or eight teams, expanding the NCAA Tournament to 72 or 76 teams.

In this proposal, all of the additional bids will be at-large, preserving automatic qualifiers for the 28 small conferences. The new play-in games will change the setup of the First Four in Dayton, likely adding another site for play-in games on the West Coast.

NCAA Tournament expansion could happen as soon as the 2025-26 season.

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This is why the people who want NCAA Tournament expansion are the biggest idiots in the universe

The NCAA Tournament is the biggest moneymaker for the four-letter institution. It’s the same institution that’s losing money hand over fist in litigation. Power Four conference commissioners proposed expanding the NCAA Tournament to put a patch on the hole at the bottom of the NCAA’s pot of money.

Here’s what’s hilarious about this incredible idea: they don’t even know if they can make more money by adding more games to the NCAA Tournament.

Sure, adding another host site for tickets and concessions will goose the bottom line, but only to a small degree. The real money is in broadcasting rights. Similar to the SEC’s contract with ESPN, adding more games doesn’t necessarily mean the networks will pay more money.

“Will the additional games generate more revenue? It remains an unanswered question,” writes Dellenger. “CBS and Turner are not required to increase the amount in which they pay, according to those with knowledge of the contract.”

The NCAA distributes $700 million annually to its schools through CBS and Turner, a deal that is in effect until 2032.

These idiots don’t even know if they can squeeze any more TV money out of the best thing they have going and are willing to ruin the NCAA Tournament just to give it a shot. And we wonder why the institution is crumbling to rubble…

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