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Brian the Inturn's Picks to Click

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We told BTI to got rehab and he said "OK". Our man Bryan won't be able to join us today and, although it is being rumored all over the message boards that it's because he's finally checked himself into rehab for his addiction to gentleman's clubs and tootsie rolls, I cannot confirm his whereabouts. Hopefully, he'll be back tomorrow bringing you the greatest links on the Internet. In the meantime, please allow me to play Jeff Hostetler to his Phil Simms. Sans the mustache of course.  - A great write up from Jody Demling on the opening weekend performances of all of the 2009 football commitments.  - The C-J's Brett Dawson has a little piece about Aaron Boyd and his mono , but it comes with a questionable headline.  Would you like a little wine with that cheese, C-J readers?  - Notre Dame's Ty Proffitt will not be at UK.  He's going to Morehead.  - John Clay has some bullet points.  The most important:  Auburn's new offense is being called "The Spread Eagle".  - One week in the books, and the SEC is being hailed as even more dominant than a year ago.  Yep, it looks like the reflexes in the south are as healthy as ever.  - Coach K just signed a six-figure deal to write a book about the basketball team unfortunately monikered as "The Redeem Team".  AOL Fanhouse leaks the chapters.

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