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clip_image010_0005.jpg If you can pull yourself away from the pretty lady above for one minute, I want to address a question raised to me yesterday.  Someone who disagreed with something I said yesterday (and why anyone cares what I say is a mystery), asked me if I ever played basketball in my life or was a coach because clearly I don't know basketball.  Ironically enough, I have videos of both my playing and coaching days I can link.  First, here is me playing a few years back.  And now, here is me coaching a few years after that.  On to the serious links: 1.  No explination needed here: a list of the sexiest soccer wives/girlfriends. Enjoy! I think it is very sad news that Dick Vitale will be out of service until February after surgery on his vocal cords.  Although Vitale is very annoying to listen to, he is a great part of college basketball and if he is at the game, its a big game.  Vitale was also a HUGE Tubby Smith fan, as shown by this archived ESPN footage. Joe Lunardi has released his new Bracketology on, and not suprisingly UK is not included.  But, for what its worth, a certain school one hour to the north is also not in the field of 65.  I'm interested who people think is the best school in the state this year: UK, UL, or might it be WKU? And I am saying this as a WKU grad, so its kinda a reach. A short article on the talks of Billy Gillispie's short tenure at UK at this point.  I really would suggest reading this article because it makes a good point of leaving alone the private life of the coach unless you have proof he is doing wrong.  Spreading rumors is childish and no help to the program. By now, you know about the massive suspensions and cheating scandel in the FSU football program.  Up to 25 players will be suspended for the Music City Bowl.  But, as a UK fan, you have to be worried that the Cats will become complacent with this distraction.  Chip Cosby touches on this topic in his article today. A guy from the state of Kentucky will be going up against the Cats for the next four years.  Sam Robey of Louisville Trinity, a offensive lineman, has committed to play at Florida.   Rumors are out there that he went because of Jai Lucas and feels Patrick Patterson will commit to the Gators in a few days.  Not good news.  The Cats were never seriously in the running for Robey, but it shows you the pull UK and Urban Meyer can have on Kentucky kids. There are alot of guys that can complain that steroids has permanently damaged baseball.  I mean alot.  Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, George Breet, Dennis Eckersley.  The list goes on and on.  But, here is an article of one guy who can't say anything about hurting the game of baseball.  I wont give it away who it is.  Read the article. If anyone got to listen to the radio broadcast of the UL-Marshall game last night, Paul Rogers made the comment at one point "I think Terrance Farley got hit in his manly region, and boy does that hurt." Well said, Paul, FCC cant getcha on that one.  It reminded me of this list of the greatest men getting hit in their manly region videos.

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