Bryan the Intern's Picks to Click

Bryan the Intern's Picks to Click

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Sports Movie Villains If he dies, he dies.  I must break you.  I want to take a quick poll on this Friday.  Those of you who have been with the blog for close to a year may remember that I once put alot of commentary into my post, leading to many a battle, some would call childish battle.  I think I stopped doing that around the time Shaq got traded and I correctly predicted it was a bad trade.  Nonetheless, I have had several people tell me they like my posts BETTER when I put in commentary because it gave them something to argue about with me.  So, I give you the option today to decided how this post will continue, and no one of the options in not ending the post altogether.  Here are the two options: (a) I put commentary in the posts, meaning you all probably hate me even more, but it is more entertaining to make stupid comments about me.  Realize that UNLIKE the past, if this is the option selected, I will NOT argue with you readers any longer, as it lowers the professionalism of this blog.  I laugh out loud just typing that. (b) The post pretty much stay as they are with me just posting the links and nothing more. I'm just interested.  New Cats have no struggles in Rupp Georgia swears Florida not on their minds, only Kentucky 2 experts still say Cats in Music City Bogans chips in 8 points in Magic win Hayes pulls down 7 boards and 2 HUGE points in Rockets loss All-time great sports movie villians Hockey is unwatchable, Exhibit A

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