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1. Well folks, the hits just keep on coming: If you haven't heard the news, Patrick Patterson has decided to transfer to Kansas, according to a North Carolina newspaper.  This leaves to door open for heralded senior stud Jared Carter to step in and dominate the paint for the Cats.  Good luck to PPat on his journey to Jayhawk land. 2 and 3. So, do you want to know more about Delaware St.  Well, I'm not the guy to answer that.  Mosley is our resident expert on obsure mid-majors.  And basically anything else obscure.  But, I do know this: Ohio St. whipped up on Deleware St. last night. Speaking of Delaware St., this article says that UK's early season struggle gives hope to mid-major teams to take down the Cats. 4. Earlier today, Matt said Michael Porter may be the scrutinized player since Saul Smith.  Well, I think Dakotah Euton has been the most scrutinized recruit EVER.  I think EVERYONE hopes he turns into a great player.  But, I think everyone that has seen him play knows that is still a ways off.  Jody Demling gives us what we can only hope will be a hour-by-hour update on Euton.    4. Has ESPN taken over the sports world?  They now hold nearly all college bowls including the BCS starting in 2011, they have contracts with the NBA and MLB, run Monday Night Football, and basically during the week are the only option for sports.  So help me God if you say Fox Sports I will come through the computer screen and slap you.  Anyway, the Courier-Journal's Eric Crawford the wonders if they have gotten to big for their britches. 6. NBA Recap:  Rondo shines, Prince continues slump in Celtics romp over Pistons 7. Freakin Impressive Disclaimer: That little joke played on you guys in link 1 was a direct order from your leader, Thomas Beisner.  You wanted change, you got it.  Just wait till all the women have to cover their heads and we are forced to drive only American cars.

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