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1. I tell you what worries me most about UK-Tennessee.  I am worried that Randall Cobb will be so hyped up for the game, that he forces the action, and leads to several turnovers.  Say what you want about Tennessee sucking it up this year, Eric Berry is a stud, and the defense has been solid.  So there's my key to the game: Randall Cobb and turnovers.  And if either team scores over 25 points I will be STUNNED. 2. Kentucky has jumped all the way up to 80th in the RPI.  Again, its pointless at this point in the season, but it's just something to fill up the PTC.  And for those of you who think that Jerry Tipton's VMI vote has anything to do with the RPI or Kentucky's strength of schedule, I got nothing to say except that you are not correct and those two numbers have no connection to the AP poll. 3. ESPN has been living dangerously the last few days, as several people have been on the verge of winning 1-million dollars by picking 25 straight winners in their "Streak for the Cash" contest.  One of those people was a Louisville student, who lost out on the million after picking 24 straight winners, he picked Carolina over Atlanta on Sunday, only to see the Falcons lay a beating.  So, the way I see it, Sunday was a complete failure for the University of Louisville, Steve Kragthorpe, and especially Tom Jurich. 4. Let's not forget that the UK volleyball team has suddenly become a national power of sorts.  They are on the verge of winning an SEC title, dethroning Florida after many years.  And now, the Cats have inked a 1st team All-American in Whitney Billings out of Alabama.  With the football team continuing to move up, baseball an SEC force, and now volleyball at the top, UK sports may be stronger than ever. 5. NBA Recap: Azubuike scores 15, but Warriors get thumped

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