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1. One of you loyal readers came up with a good idea this weekend, and I am going to take advantage of it, and claim it for myself.  Ethics are not my strong point.  Up to this point in the season, the UK basketball team has one identity: Turnovers.  And despite that, they are 4-2, so I can see positives in that.  Anywho, today and after each game, I will give you the "BTI Turnover Watch" or "BTITW" for short.  Just to give you an idea of who is leading the turnover race because it seems the team must have a bet of who can throw the most dumb passes.  Congrats to Jodie Meeks for taking the early season lead: Total Turnovers (National Rank Listed) 4. Jodie Meeks: 31 turnovers/8 assists 65. Deandre Liggins: 21 turnovers/20 assists 107. Ramon Harris: 19 turnovers/5 assists 133. Michael Porter: 18 turnovers/16 assists Total Turnovers/Team (National Rank Listed) 1. Delaware State: 163 turonvers/9 games 2. Kentucky: 138 turovers/6 games 3. North Carolina A&T: 134 turnovers/7 games 4. Mercer: 130 turnovers/7 games 5. Mississippi St.: 129 turnovers/7 games Turnovers per game 1. UNC-Greensboro: 23.7 tpg 2. Kentucky: 23.0 tpg 3. Northridge: 22.4 tpg 4. Northwestern St.: 21.5 tpg 4. Appalaichain St.: 21.5 tpg 2. Also on Mondays, I will begin breaking down the conferences to give you a better idea of which conference is strongest, as college basketball is tougher to handicap year in and year out, unlike college football where the SEC and Big 12 rule annually.  So, after nearly a month of play, here are the conference rankings: (1) ACC: 61-9 Overall, 10-5 vs. BCS schools, 51-4 vs. non-BCS schools Best Team RPI: Clemson (10) Worst Team RPI: N.C. State (251) Top 25 teams: 4 Keys: Maui Champ North Carolina, NIT Champ Duke, 7 of 12 teams undefeated (2) Big East: 76-14 overall, 12-7 vs BCS schools, 64-7 vs non-BCS schools Best Team RPI: Syracuse (3) Worst Team RPI: Louisville (250) Top 25 teams: 7 Keys: UCONN won tournament, Syracuse won tournament, 14 of 16 teams with 1 loss or less (3) Big Ten: 53-9 overall, 5-6 vs BCS schools, 48-3 vs non-BCS schools Best Team RPI: Illinois (7) Worst Team RPI: Penn St. (148) Top 25 teams: 3 Keys: Illinois and Michigan better than predicted, Purdue and Michigan St. lose early (4) Big 12: 59-13 overall, 6-8 vs BCS schools, 53-5 vs non-BCS schools Best Team RPI: Oklahoma (13) Worst Team RPI: Iowa St. (233) Top 25 teams: 3 Keys: Oklahoma won tournament, Kansas finished runner-up in tournament, Texas good showing in Maui (5) SEC: 53-16 overall, 4-6 vs BCS schools, 49-10 vs non-BCS schools Best Team RPI: Mississippi (22) Worst Team RPI: Georgia (248) Top 25 teams: 2 Keys: Tennessee looks strong, Kentucky with 2 nice wins, too many bad losses for league (6) Pac-10: 38-17 overall, 3-10 vs BCS schools, 35-7 vs non-BCS schools Best Team RPI: Cal (33) Worst Team RPI: Oregon St. (341) Top 25 teams: 2 Keys: Oregon St. pitiful, UCLA disappointing, league just sucks 3. Lastly today, what can you say about the BCS?  It is such a flawed system, you can even begin to list the number of travesties that the BCS has produced.  But let me try a few: a. That Texas was #2 in the standings last week, won their game in a romp, and somehow fell behind a team they beat by 10 earlier this year.  I dont even care about the fact the Longhorns beat Oklahoma earlier, I am more disturbed that they earned the #2 spot, then won their game by a ton, and fell out of not only the national title game, but their conference championship game. b. I haven't heard anyone bring this up, maybe because it is impossible to happen.  BUT, lets say Oklahoma wins the Big 12 title game by 20+points, thus clinching their spot in the title game.  And this would presumably help Texas' BCS number as well.  Then, lets say Florida just squeaks by Alabama for the SEC title.  Is it possible that Florida doesn't earn enough ground to pass Texas, and we have an Oklahoma-Texas national title game.  Is this possible?  If I am wrong, let me know.  I am guessing people assume if Florida wins, they will pass Texas no matter what.  c. The fact that Boise St. and Ball State are not even mentioned as BCS participants, but a average ACC team and a somewhat average Cincinnati team will get bids.  I am not saying that Ball St. wouldn't get crushed in a BCS game, they probably would.  But, that doesn't mean they still haven't earned that spot.  And Boise St. EVEN MORE deserves a spot, considering they have a nice win over Oregon, who just crushed Oregon St.  I think it would be interesting to see a Utah-Boise St. matchup.

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