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Article written by:Bryan the InternBryan the Intern
73621505.jpg 1. For those of you looking for ANY info from Billy Gillispie in ANY interview he does, you will get another shot today at 1:05ET when he joins Rick Bozich and Jody Demling on The ZoneBusters of 1570thezone.  Here is the link to listen in.  Just click on the link on the right side of the page to get the streaming or tune in to 1570AM on your radio dial in Louisville and Southern Indiana.  2. As Matt reported earlier, Coach Gillispie said in yesterday's coachs show that Jodie Meeks, Derrick Jasper, and Joe Crawford have all been hobbled this week by injuries.  For more details, here is the article from the Herald-Leader today. 3. They are still taking some shots at Coach Gillispie in Minnesota, because clearly its not enough Tubby Smith is gonna turn that program around, they have to take it out on his old school team. 4. They are even writing about Billy Gillispie in the SEATTLE TIMES!!!! 5. After the debate yesterday about retiring jerseys, I did a little research and found out that in fact there is criteria for a UK player to have a jersey put in the rafters.  This article was published shortly after Chuck Hayes' last game in 2005, and shortly before that time, UK decided that a player must wait 5 years after leaving UK to be inducted into the athletic Hall of Fame and another 5 years after that to have a jersey retired/honored.  Basically, its a minimum of 10 years after your playing career has ended.  Another interesting note in this article is at the bottom, which shows other major schools and their criteria, if any, for honoring a person's jersey.  Currently, Tony Delk, the guy that got the consensus vote to be the next person retired, has NOT been put into the UK Atheltic Hall of Fame, meaning it will be AT LEAST SIX YEARS before Delk will be eligible to have his jersey in the rafters.  In fact, there is no former UK player in the Hall of Fame that is not also in the rafters at Rupp.  Looks like yesterday was pie in the sky for now. 6. You gotta give Ole Miss some credit.  Despite playing a pitiful schedule to get to their 13-0 schedule, they proved more last night in a 2-point loss to Tennessee than any win this year.  To hang with the class of the league, the only team with a legitimate shot of making the Final Four, and to do it on the road in your SEC opener is impressive.  I am not so sure I put Ole Miss at Rupp in the win column anymore.  They may be the team to beat in the West. 7. North Carolina remained undefeated last night, albeit against the largest man I have ever seen on TV.  7'7'' Kenny George made Tyler Hansbrough look like Spud Webb in the Dean Dome, but the Tar Heels have just a little more talent on the rest of the squad.  And, Psycho T did have one of the better dunks of the year, and it was over Andre the Giant's brother. 8. Yes, this is a UK sports blog, but if you didn't hear, UL has blocked the transfer of running back Anthony Allen to Arkansas.  It may be just me, but it feels like Tom Jurich is starting to lose his "AD God" tag with the media, as evidenced by this article in the Courier-Journal.  Starting with the hire of Steve Kragthorpe and rumblings about Rick Pitino, now a cheap move intended to hurt Bobby Petrino, his reputation has been damaged.  Lets be honest though, UK and every other major Division 1 school would do the same thing, it's just that dirty of a buisness. 9. What have been the greatest individual seasons of all-time in all sports? Its a loaded question and one that is almost impossible to answer.  But, ESPN is sure gonna give it a shot, ranking their Top 25.

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