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An X-ray of Michael Hill, of Jacksonville, Fla., with an eight-inch knife sticking out of his skull is on display at Ripley's Believe It Or Not Odditorium. OUCH!! This guy lived by the way.  Quite frankly, there is not alot out there in UK world, despite the big game against Miami tommorow.  So, I did a little bracket-making to take up the space today.  I, like every other breathing thing on this planet sans 6 BCS guys, want a college football playoff badly.  I think the best idea I have heard is an 8-team playoff, with the 6 BCS champs, 1 at-large, and 1 non BCS at-large if that team is undefeated.  This keeps the regular season important, as most elite teams gun for that 1 at-large spot.  But, we all know this won't happen in the next decade, so lets just say screw it, and go 64 teams.  Here is what a 64-team bracket would look like this year, using the RPI Power Rankings to rank.  Only requirments are the team must have 6 wins and I didnt match up teams from the same conference.  Here we go: (1) Alabama vs (64) Arizona (32) Virginia Tech vs (33) Nebraska (16) Georgia vs (49) Wake Forest (17) Boston College vs (48) Nevada (8) USC vs (57) Buffalo (25) Oregon St. vs (40) Clemson (9) Boise St. vs (56) Troy (24) Mississippi vs (41) Air Force (2) Texas vs (63) Notre Dame (31) UCONN vs (34) W. Michigan (15) BYU vs (50) Rutgers (18) Oklahoma St. vs (47) Wisconsin (7) Penn St. vs (58) Fresno St. (26) Iowa vs (39) South Carolina (10) Ohio St. vs (55) Houston (23) Pittsburgh vs (42) Maryland (3) Florida vs (62) Lousiana Tech (30) Cal vs (35) LSU (14) Georgia Tech vs (51) East Carolina (19) Michigan St. vs (46) Navy (6) Texas Tech vs (59) Colorado St. (27) Tulsa vs (38) North Carolina (11) Ball St. vs (54) Minnesota (22) Northwestern vs (43) Kansas (4) Oklahoma vs (61) Kentucky (29) West Virginia vs (36) Rice (13) Cincinnati vs (52) Hawaii (20) Missouri vs (45) Central Michigan (5) Utah vs (60) Vanderbilt (28) Florida St. vs (37) South Florida (12) TCU vs (53) NC State (21) Oregon vs (44) Miami (FL) First, it's safe to say that Kentucky would get blasted by Oklahoma.  I'll just jump ahead to what I would see the Elite 8 being out of this bracket: (1) Alabama vs (8) USC (2) Texas vs (10) Ohio St. (3) Florida vs (6) Texas Tech (Red Raiders have a SUPER EASY ROAD until the Gators) (4) Oklahoma vs (12) TCU I say Ohio St. takes down Penn St. if given second shot, and TCU wins over Utah in the non-BCS portion of the bracket.  Beyond this, I will let you decide what you think would happen.  I will just finish with this.  The Florida-Alabama can has a serious possibility to be a Gator blowout, but if I am Alabama, I take the ball if winning the coin toss, and if the Crimson Tide can score first, WATCH OUT.  I think this game is really, really close, but I am not a big John Parker Wilson fan.  I think he costs Alabama the game: Gators 31, Bama 24 1. Just like the picture above, take a look at some other amazing X-Rays.  I never knew how many ways you could shoot a nail into your skull. 2. Another reason to hate soccer 3. Here is the Plaxico Burress instructional video

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