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This is a tough economy we are in right now.  And you need to be able to get your business name out there.  What better way than to advertise with Kentucky Sports Radio.  If you are interested, give me a email at [email protected]. I found more detailed stats concerning the turnover situation right now.  I couldn't find in-depth stats with Turnovers per game, but these deal with just overall number of turnovers (national rank given). I've also added number of assists, minutes played, and Turnovers per 40 minutes. 21. Jodie Meeks: 33 turnovers/16 assists/296 minutes/4.45 TO's per 40 min. 52. Deandre Liggins: 29 turnovers/34 assists/188 minutes/6.17 TO's per 40 min. 141. Michael Porter: 24 turnovers/19 assists/182 minutes/5.27 TO's per 40 min. 384. Ramon Harris: 19 turnovers/8 assists/172 minutes/4.41 TO's per 40 min. 384. Darius Miller: 19 turnovers/18 assists/195 minutes/3.89 TO's per 40 min. 384. Patrick Patterson: 19 turnovers/27 assists/284 minutes/2.67 TO's per 40 min. NR. Perry Stevenson: 18 turnovers/15 assists/223 minutes/3.22 TO's per 40 min. Now, how does this compare to point guard play of the past years, take a look: 2008: Ramel Bradley: 100 turnovers/101 assists/1052 minutes/3.80 TO's per 40 min. 2007: Ramel Bradley: 91 turnovers/129 assists/1107 minutes/3.28 TO's per 40 min. 2006: Rajon Rondo: 79 turnovers/167 assists/1054 minutes/2.99 TO's per 40 min. 2005: Rajon Rondo: 69 turnovers/118 assists/854 minutes/3.23 TO's per 40 min. 2004: Cliff Hawkins: 95 turnovers/166 assists/979 minutes/3.88 TO's per 40 min. 2003: Cliff Hawkins: 62 turnovers/111 assists/634 minutes/3.91 TO's per 40 min. 2002: Cliff Hawkins: 95 turnovers/136 assists/830 minutes/4.57 TO's per 40 min. So, as you can, it is actually Deandre Liggins who is the most turnover prone on the UK team.  And this chart also gives another example of why Patrick Patterson should have his hands on the ball more, because he doesn't turn it over very often.  And for those of you who are criticizing the playing time situation at the point guard spot, Liggins has actually played more than Porter this season.  The second set of numbers shows that UK has had some fairly good handling point guards over the past 8 years. Only Cliff Hawkins in 2002 had more than 4TO's/40 min., yet both Porter and Liggins have more than 5. Just some numbers to wrap your head around today.  Now for some links: 1. The interesting saga of Kevin Galloway.  From what this story in the Courier-Journal tells us, Galloway is one of the hardest working members of the team.  The rough start for Galloway only makes me think of the many other junior-college guys who have struggled at UK.  I never understand the hype at any program that surrounds a junior-college player.  It so rarely works out.  And I am not saying this because I think Galloway won't work out, I am just saying the start has been ominous for a guy who will only have 2 years to play. 2. If you haven't heard yet, Mitch Barnhart has released his goals for the future of the UK athletic department.  He wants to win 15 championships, either conference or national, by the year 2015.  He hopes this will make UK one of the top 15 athletic departments in the country.  This year, UK ranked #36.  The highest rating the program has ever received has been #26.  To give you an idea of how lofty a goal the 15 championships is, UK has only won 17 championships in the past 15 years, with more than half coming from men's basketball.  With the struggle of the basketball team, it makes this goal even more of a challenge.  Here's to hoping Mitch can pull it off. 3. John Clay writes that the Liberty Bowl will be a test for UK fans.  A test to see if they travel as well as their reputation says they will.  My only two cents is this: ask as many writers as you want, and they will tell you the actual Libety Bowl stadium is one of the worst in the country.  So, go at your own risk. 4. NBA Recap: Prince scores only 8, but pulls down 11 boards in Pistons loss Hayes plays 8 minutes, Morris doesn't play in Houston win

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