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Look, I will be completely honest with you loyal readers.  For the first time in the history of me writing this post, I dont feel like looking for the links this morning.  It was a long Christmas day, not only with celebrating but also having to work until Midnight.  So, instead I am just gonna list a whole bunch of stats, just to give you an idea of where the current players rank in the history of UK basketball.  Yes, it's 100% lame and lazy, and I promise it won't happen again.  Thanks as always goes to for the stats. Points 99. Robert Lock: 691 points 100. Jodie Meeks: 689 points 101. Ken Rollins: 684 points 106. John Demoisey: 640 points 107. Patrick Patterson: 639 points 108. Dan Barnstable: 635 points 161. Ravi Moss: 376 points T-162. Perry Stevenson: 365 points T-162. Cameron Mills: 365 points 166. Layton Rouse: 353 points 224. Troy McKinley: 190 points 225. Ramon Harris: 187 points 226. Jim Lemaster: 186 points 253. Dwayne Casey: 125 points 254. Michael Porter: 124 points Rebounds: Nobody close to the Top 50 (which is Tommy Kron with 500 rebounds, Stevenson closest with 306 career rebounds) Assists: Nobody close to the Top 40 (which is Tony Delk at 210 assists, Meeks is closest with 90 career assists) Steals: Meeks closing in on Top 40 (Andre Riddick is 40th with 76, Meeks has 57 career steals) Blocks 13. Walter McCarty: 108 blocks 14. Perry Stevenson: 101 blocks 15. Robert Lock: 83 blocks 21. Gimel Martinez: 58 blocks 22. Patrick Patterson: 57 blocks 22. Marvin Stone: 57 blocks 3-point field goals 20. Dale Brown: 109 3-pointers 21. Jodie Meeks: 104 3-pointers 22. Rodrick Rhodes: 98 3-pointers

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