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This will be the last installment of the conference rankings as we finally head into conference play.  But this much is clear:  The ACC is by far the most superior conference this year, and the SEC is really, really bad.  So far all you conspiracy theorists out there that thinks ESPN and the Earth in general have a biased towards the ACC and against the SEC, at least this season you have to admit they have a point. (1) ACC This Week: 8-2, Overall Record: 110-22, vs BCS teams: 23-16 Best Team (RPI): Duke (4) Worst Team (RPI): NC State (190) Comments: Another solid week, UNC, Duke, Clemson, Wake all legit Top 10 teams (2) Big East This Week: 12-5, Overall Record: 147-39, vs BCS teams: 18-19 Best Team (RPI): Pittsburgh (1) Worst Team (RPI): South Florida (245) Comments: West Virginia win over Ohio St. keeps them ahead of Big 10 (3) Big 10 This week: 12-4, Overall Record: 105-25, vs BCS teams: 18-17 Best Team (RPI): Northwestern (10) Worst Team (RPI): Indiana (187) Comments: God, Indiana may not win another game this season (4) Big 12 This Week: 8-4, Overall Record: 107-28, vs BCS teams: 16-16 Best Team (RPI): Oklahoma (3) Worst Team (RPI): Colorado (231) Comments: Not a good week BUT Texas goes to Wisconsin and wins, makes them seem more legit (5) Pac-10 This Week: 11-1, Overall Record: 80-29, vs BCS teams: 12-17 Best Team (RPI): Stanford (25) Worst Team (RPI): Oregon St. (313) Comments: Have clearly separated themselves from the SEC for 5th, not really a compliment but it's something (6) SEC This week: 15-1, Overall Record: 104-32, vs BCS teams: 10-15 Best Team (RPI): Tennessee (16) Worst Team (RPI): Alabama (236) Comments: The amount of close games this conference has against mediocre competition is staggering 1. Here is what I get from Central Michigan's schedule: they are really not very good.  In fact, on paper, they are bad.  BUT, they did play Marquette to a 14-point loss, so it's not out of the question this will be a close game.  If the Cats come to play though, should be fairly easy.  2. Poor, poor Indiana.  Here is what the Hoosiers have done so far this season: beat Chaminade by 2, lost to Northeastern, lost to Lipscomb last night, and lost to their 5 "major" opponents by an average of 24.6 ppg.  Oh, and they wear stripped pants.  LOSERS!!!!! 3. Quick update on the status of Terrance Boyd.  Check the bottom of the article for info. 4. So, who are the 10 hottest women kicking ass in the world today.  You're welcome for this readers.  5. Oh Mental Floss, how I love thee.  This is a really fun quiz to see just how dorky you are as a sports fan.  How many of the 33 bowls (minus the title game) can you name in 8 minutes.  Thank god they don't force you to list some of the sponsors for these bowls.  And how in the hell did the San Diego County Credit Union get enough money to sponsor a bowl?  6. Look, I am not in the habit of giving former UL players alot of credit, but I felt really good seeing Michael Bush rush for 177 yards yesterday in a win over the Bucs, which by the way knocked them out of the playoffs.  I was really happy to see Bush have a great game because I felt so bad when he broke his leg in the UK game 3 years ago.  I watched Bush dominate Louisville high school football for 4 years (still the best high school player I have ever seen), I watched him dunk a basketball in a middle school game, and he QB'd the greatest football game I ever saw (Male-Trinity 2002).  Admittedly, he burned UK many times during his time as a Card, but he seemed to be a good guy and nobody deserves the injury he got.  Congrats to Michael, and good luck the rest of his career.

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