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This post was posted yesterday, but because of the importance of signing day and the magnificent way Gidel was running things, I decided to pull the post and repost it today.  Don't worry, there are additional links at the bottom. We did this a lot last year, and I hoped it wouldn't come back to this again, but we have to start comparing resume's and start thinking about what UK needs to do to get back to the NCAA Tournament.  I love when ESPN does the Team A vs Team B comparison, so that's what we will do today.  First, here is UK's resume: KENTUCKY RPI: 75 SOS: 92 Overall Record: 16-7 Conference Record: 5-3 Top 50 wins: 2 Plus 100 losses: 1 Now, here are some similar resumes: TEAM A (BCS Team) RPI: 66 SOS: 111 Overall Record: 17-5 Conference Record: 6-3 Top 50 wins: 2 Plus 100 losses: 0 TEAM B (Non-BCS Team) RPI: 57 SOS: 105 Overall Record: 15-6 Conference Record: 10-1 Top 50 wins: 0 Plus 100 losses: 2 TEAM C (BCS Team) RPI: 65 SOS: 14 Overall Record: 12-9 Conference Record: 3-4 Top 50 wins: 0 Plus 100 losses: 1 Answers: Team A: Penn St. Team B: Northeastern Team C: Mississippi The question you gotta ask is: would you put Penn St., Northeastern, or Mississippi in the tournament.  I wouldn't.  So, lets not deny that the fact that Kentucky is Kentucky helps them out some.  Because all projections have the Cats in the tournament besides cbssportsline.  Point being: resume isn't strong for Cats.  Need to beat Tennessee, LSU, and/or Florida.  Win against West Virginia is all Cats have to lean on right now.  1. UK finished with the #32 class nationally on, ranking 11th in the SEC.  The SEC pulled in 20 5-star recruits.  The rest of the country only pulled in 36.  Out of the Top 100 kids in the country, the SEC pulled in 31 of them.  The AVERAGE player the SEC schools landed was a 3.19-star.  For comparison, the AVERAGE Big East recruit was a 2.69-star.  Louisville finished with the 64th ranked class, only pulling in 1 4-star.  Western Kentucky pulled in the #81 class.  NINE non-BCS schools had better recruiting classes than Louisville.  If you want to know what kind of recruiting advantage the BCS schools have though, 97 of the top 100 recruits in the country are going to BCS schools.  The other three?  Headed to Notre Dame.      2. New high school LIT ratings are out, and Scott County is holding on to the top spot.  Elliott County comes in at #2, but for those of you who didn't know, they lost to Shelby Valley last week in the All "A" Classic. 3. In his most recent Forde Minutes, Pat Forde looks at the rash of poor behavior in college basketball lately. 4. One of the underrated comedians of our time is Biff Henderson.  Luckily for us, Henderson was at his best during the Super Bowl, including getting an exclusive interview with Big Ben right after the game.  Classic stuff. 5. I guess they didn't have a lot of baby seals in Portland, because Clyde Drexler used a mismatch on the basketball floor and compared it to the clubbing of baby seals.  Whoops! 6. I want to post something about Keith Bogans separately from everything else NBA related today.  You may remember at the beginning of the season, Bogans was tearing it up for the Magic, starting every night, really making Cats fans proud.  Then he broke his hand, and during his rehab WKU alum Courtney Lee took much of the slack, and began excelling.  For me this is tough.  I was in school for 3 years of Lee, and I can tell you he is a class act.  But, so is Bogans.  I hate to see Keith 3rd on the depth chart now in Orlando.  Last night, Bogans only played 6 minutes, Lee played 31.  Bogans scored 0, Lee scored 21.  Here's to wishing both guys success, and hopes that Bogans can find another good home. 7. NBA Recap: Prince has 16 in close Pistons win Azubuike has 25 in Warriors win Hayes and Morris did not play in their games last night.

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