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Bryan the Intern's Picks to Click

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ahmedandrichrodht1.jpg 1. Lots of news from Jody Demling coming from the LIT and other games around the state yesterday.  Included are reports about Jon Hood, Darius Miller, Dakotah Euton, and GJ Vilarino. 2. If this report is true, I would find it to be one of the more amazing stories of the year so far.  Supposedly, nearly all the files concerning last season's West Virginia football team, including personal information and strength and conditioning info have gone missing.  But, now there are also reports that Rich Rodriguez had all of that paperwork destroyed.  Remember, some random coach is not taking over the program, its one of Rodriguez's assistants!!  This is the same WVU program that produced such class acts as Pac Man Jones and Chris Henry.  Can we throw Rich Rodriguez in that mix if the reports are true? 3. Speaking of Pac-Man, he's punched another woman, in another strip club.  This guy is the type of idiot who thinks he can do anything and punch anyone until someone shoots him.  You mess with enough strip club security and your gonna get shot.  And I for one say good riddance. 4. Another preseason Top 25 for college football next year.  5 SEC teams, 3 in the eastern division, gonna be another guantlet next year for the Cats. 5. Poor T.O.  Whatever he does gets criticized.  I mean, THATS HIS QUARTERBACK!!! IT'S NOT FAIR!! What a media hog.  He has the emotional makeup of a kindergarten class.  He deserves to be on the list of Top 10 celebrity crying moments.

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