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Bryan the Intern's Picks to Click

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Article written by:Bryan the InternBryan the Intern
slive_mug_164x225.jpg 1. The much-anticipated(ha ha) Big East-SEC Invitational starts tonight and clearly Big East commish Mike Tranghese has some embarrassing pictures of Mike Slive(pictured above).  Because when deciding who to showcase his conference with Mike #2 decided to throw out Alabama, Auburn, LSU, and South Carolina.  I am looking foward to that USC-Providence game, that should draw a full house(laying the sarcasm on thick there).  It's just embarrassing. 2. Congratulations to Wesley Woodyard, Jacob Tamme, Jeremy Jarmon, Andre Woodson, and Gary Williams who were all named to the All-SEC team yesterday.  Woodyard was one of only 5 players to be unanimous selections.  Individual awards will be announced today and I see a close race for coach of the year between Coach Brooks and Sylvester Croom. 3. From the news of the past 15 hours, it seems that Alex Legion may be headed back to Lexington.  But, if you read the Detroit Free Press article on the situation, it seems that Michigan may still be the destination for Legion.  Also, if you haven't seen yet, has picked up the Legion story.  And if you had to guess which angle this satirical website took on the story, what would that be? Maybe his nutty mother?  4. Eric Crawford's article in today's Courier-Journal discusses the possibility this season could be a disaster for Billy Gillispie.  5. John Clay touches on a number of topics in today's article, including Alex Legion, BCS Football, and SEC Basketball.  6. Look, I have not ill-will towards Eric Gordon or Indiana, but the dark part of me really wants his back/hip to hurt so bad this week that EJ cant play on Saturday. Right now, we are getting conflicting viewpoints on Gordon's status.  His dad is claiming his son might not be ready to play.  While Kelvin Sampson is saying he will play no doubt. Here's to hoping the father knows best. 7. It's never too early to start looking ahead to the NCAA Tournament, and this year it seems the Cats may be scratching for big wins, so what UK really needs are its lesser opponents to have big years.  Here is what UK's 4 wins and 2 losses are looking like at this point with RPI. If you want to see each of these teams schedules, just click on the team names. In parnetheses, I have put each teams finishing RPI from last season so you can see how a team from the lower conferences typically finish. Central Arkansas- RPI: 214, Record: 7-1 (2007: 314) Gardner Freakin Webb- RPI: 181, Record: 5-5 (2007: 263) Liberty- RPI: 205, Record: 4-4 (2007: 277) Texas Southern- RPI: 105, Record: 1-5 (2007: 289) Stony Brook- RPI: 303, Record: 1-6 (2007: 287) North Carolina- RPI: 14, Record: 8-0 (2007: 4) 8. In all honestly, did anyone ever see Tayshaun Prince having this good of an NBA career? A defensive stopper maybe, but a consistent offensive threat, had me fooled.  But, as last night's win over the Hawks proves, Tayshaun is maybe the go-to guy on a team filled with go-to guys. How soon till T-Prince's jersey goes up in the rafters?     9. As Shawn Bridwell pointed out yesterday, two UK commits won Mr. Football in their respective classes in Tennessee.  But, we also learn from the Courier-Journal's Jody Demling that Fat Phil is now pursuing both guys, and has them both wavering on their commits.  This story will probably develop over the next couple days and weeks. 10. I expressed my dissapointment yesterday at yahoo's bowl rankings that ranked the Music City Bowl as the 17th best bowl out of 32.  How silly of me. A college football expert like Stewart Mandel ranks the Cat-Noles lower than Yahoo.  What exactly does the Central Florida-Mississippi St. game have that gives college football writers goosebumps? If someone knows, please tell me. 11. For those of you with the NFL network, you watched what quite possibly could be the worst play-by-play man in the history of the universe in Bryant Gumbel.  All I kept picturing during the Cowboys-Packers game was his brother Greg laughing hysterically at the suckiness of his sibling.  Bryant made so many errors, I cant list them all for fear on taking up to much space on the blog.  But, one I can not ignore was calling the NFC MVP up to this point Tony Romo, "Rick". Look, if you call Cleo Lemon by the wrong name, thats understandable, but Tony Romo you need to get right. Anyways, here is a youtube list of 10 of the worst sportscasters blunders.

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