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REMEMBER, 1570THEZONE HAS NOW CHANGED TO 93.9FM THE TICKET, AN ESPN RADIO AFFILIATE.  MATT'S SHOW WILL BE AT 8PM FROM NOW ON.  1. Unfortunatly, Saturday's loss to Florida may very well be the norm for this UK team: fighting hard for 40 minutes, playing close, but ultimatly falling short.  Whether its due to lack of talented depth, poor leadership, or coaching transistion, its seems this team follows a pattern it all of its close games, Vandy excluded.  John Clay echoes this point in his article Sunday. 2. Problem number 1 for the Cats this year: Poor Basketball IQ.  With the limited talent on this team, the group as a whole needed to be very basketball savvy, but instead they are on the opposite end of the spectrum, as the Courier-Journal discusses today. 3. Tommorow's game against Tennessee makes me very nervous for the simple fact that UK matches up poorly with UT, and I could see an embarrassing loss coming the Cats way.  Is this team as good as UNC: probably not.  But, John Clay points out there will be no tougher test than the Vols tommorow. 4. The hiring of Joker Phillips as UK's next head football coach brought to mind one thought: the significance of the hiring of Tubby Smith as UK's basketball coach.  Honestly, there has been very little talk about the fact that Kentucky is hiring an African-American to coach one of it's major teams.  And, the reason that is, is because this state already handled that issue with Smith.  It's up in the air on whether the state handled it well or not, but the fact that race is not an issue with this hiring is significant in itself, as the Herald-Leader points out. 5. Do you think Minnesota fans are going to get tired of losing games like yesterdays 5-point loss to 11th ranked Michigan State?  That follows a 5 point loss to Indiana where the Gophers controlled nearly the whole game.  I am Tubby Smith fan, but there is something to be said for losing games you control, and I dont care if Michigan St. and Indiana are just better.  What made it bad at Kentucky was Tubby had teams that were better than the other team, controlled most of the game, and found a way to lose.  I was a Tubby fan, but that was frustrating. 6. Once again, the TECMO Bowl playoffs were extremely accurate for yesterday's conference championships, going 2-0.  That brings the early 90's video game to 8-2 for this years playoffs.  Take that Chris Berman!! 7. There are some sports days that you look foward to and count on every year.  The first two days of the NCAA Tournament are those for me.  Some people consider yesterday one of those, when the two teams going to the Superbowl are decided.  Here are some other underrated sports days.  Put in your opinion. 8. Deal with it, the Patriots are in the Super Bowl and are a mortal lock to win it.  While I actually like the Pats, mostly because they are doing something historic, most people hate them.  And lets be honest, its because (1) they will whip your team for 60 minutes, and (2) they are cocky while doing it.  If those are not your reasons, maybe one of these 16 reasons to hate the Patriots is. 9. If you forgot, Eli Manning is one cheap shot to the knee (which the Patriots are good at) from Jared Lorenzen being your quarterback in the Super Bowl.  Keep that in mind. 10. With Superbowl Sunday now within sight, and the hype for the commericals that will almost certainly disapoint me, its good to remember that a few decent commericals have come from that great day, and most dealt with beer.  With that, here are 10 of the greatest beer commercials of all-time. 11. For those of us in the Nintendo generation, this you will get a kick out of.  It's 100 Nintendo games shown in 10 minutes.  If you can name all the games in this video, then you (a) are awesome and (b) had WAY too much time on your hands as a child.  Yes, I know those two things contradict.  Look foward to tommorow when I will link the video to 100 Super-Nintendo games in 10 minutes.

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