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Bryan the Intern's Picks to Click

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Article written by:Bryan the InternBryan the Intern
  1. Good article about Perry Stevenson in the Courier-Journal today, after what was unquestionably Perry's best game in a UK uniform.  I worry though that we have seen this before from different role players.  Remember Michael Porter in the UAB game, and AJ Stewart in the Florida International games.  The thought was if those guys could play like that the rest of the year, then this team would be much improved.  Instead, both guys get NO playing time anymore.  Don't jump on the Stevenson bandwagon just yet, but if Perry can play just half as good as he did Tuesday, it gives the Cats a good compliment to Patterson, something that is MUCH needed.  2. The Cats have greatly improved on feeding the post SEC play, something that is that much more impressive considering the defensive gameplan against UK usually means containing Patrick Patterson, as the Herald-Leader addresses today. 3. Really great article by Rick Bozich today dealing with the over hyped event that is the Senior Bowl.  He gives some excellent stats about how poorly scouts have evaluated the QB position over the past 8 years, although word out of Mobile is that Andre Woodson has been impressive, but not excellent. 4. I am not going to link every story, but I will give you the link to the Advocate-Messangers home page, where there are many stories about UK players and their progress at the Senior Bowl. 5. Here is the story from the Herald-Leader about the committment of Matt Roark. 6. I haven't had one of these lists in a while, and that sucks because they always get a great response, but i finally bring back hot women lists today.  You get the 10 hottest sports movie women today, along with clips from the movies.  For my money, the hottest was the girl from Happy Gimore, Virginia Venit.  She also plays a role on Lost, my new favorite TV show.  And she's not on this list, which would normally make me boycott it, but I know how much you all drool over this stuff. 7. I think it's safe to say the last 3 UK basketball games have not been the officials best called games in history.  And I am sure if the Cats had lost to UT on Tuesday, the griping would have continued.  So, I am gonna try and get you thinking more happy thoughts about the refs with 10 of the funnier ref moments in history.

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