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Bryan the Intern's Picks to Click

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 [medium_Picture+073.jpg]  As I continue to recover from my flirtation with death, I look at the lady above and feel a little better.  More on her later.  But, I will say this, if you happened to record last nights KSR (and I know so many of you did), then you have a classic piece of audio.  Here's a quick transcript: Matt: I think Rick Pitinio has been a dissapointment.  Look at that light pole.  It's shaking really bad.  Oh my, I think we are going through a tornado. Me: Look at the sky, it's green. (Lights begin flikering) Matt: OK, I don't care, we are gettin out of here. (Lights go out) Matt: AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! Me: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! Anyway, if you do have a recording, please send it to us.  On to the links: 1. Update of Alex Legion and his situation at Illinois.  I hold no hard feelings for the guy, and never will, but his loss will be felt big time next season, much of the same way Randolph Morris leaving has hurt the team this year.  2. Allright, thats 2 games in a row that Perry Stevenson has played well.  I honestly don't care what has clicked for Perry, just as long as he plays half as good as this the rest of the year.  The Herald-Leader is saying that a major reason for his strong play is that he is no longer "soft".  Personally, I don't think his hands have ever been soft. 3. The Cats swept SEC honors last week, and they were well deserving.  4. Those damn Vols have shown the gap between them and the Cats football program once again, stealing away one UK's prized recruits.  Willie Bohannon from Alabama committed to UK in Decemeber, but backed off and now has gone with UT.  Not only is this a big loss for the Cats because it was one of their most promising recruits, it also shows why it will always be difficult for UK to recruit big time kids because the major programs can always come in and swipe those kids away.  UK will ALWAYS have to win using unheralded recruits, but I think it worked pretty well the last 2 years. 5. No Ray Allen, No KG, No problem for the Celtics.  Rajon Rondo crushed some of his critics who say he only has played this well because he has 3 all-stars around him, scoring 23 points in leading Boston to a 30-point win over the Heat.  Rondo's season averages: 9.6 ppg, 4.0 rpg, 4.4 apg, 49.2 fg%.  While he still only hits 28% of his 3-point shots, he has developed a nice mid-range jumper and continues to be great at finishing around the basket. 6. Here it is: TECMO Bowl simulating the Super Bowl.  Remember, this video game has correctly picked 8 out of 10 postseason games.  7. Tom Brady is just getting annoying.  He doesn't even have to try and get women anymore.  Even reporters (pictured above) go all googly on him, and go so far as to propose.  It's just not fair.

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