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Article written by:Bryan the InternBryan the Intern
  Nice win by the Giants last night in what was, for 3 quarters, the WORST Super Bowl in history.  I find it hard to say the Giants were the best team this season, but they just flat out beat the Patriots, and they earned it.  But, can everyone please stop saying how much they hate the Patriots for the SpyGate thing.  EVERY NFL team cheats.  EVERY SINGLE ONE!!! Remember the Colts putting extra noise into the speakers.  How many teams have steroid users.  And, several teams even admitted doing the same thing as the Patriots after the Pats got caught.  So, dont act like they are the only cheating team.  Now, what they do have is the biggest collection of jerks in the league.  Hate them for that.  Congrats New York.  Somebody shut up Michael Strahan.    Daily RPI Report: 113 (up 21 spots after Georgia game) 1. A very interesting question was raised on the blog yesterday about wanting the Cats to get a bye in the SEC Tournament so they would only have to play 3 games to qualify for the NCAA Tourney.  Someone responded that if the Cats were the #2 seed out of the East, they would be an at-large, and it wouldn't matter.  So, I did a little research, and found that theory to be fairly ridiculous.  You only need to look at last season to realize that just being the #2 seed guarentee's you NOTHING. In fact, both the #1 and #2 seeds from the Western division missed the NCAA tourney (Mississippi and Mississippi St.). With the RPI rising very quickly, a 12-4 conference mark would get them in, a 11-5 mark puts them on the bubble. They need a win at home over Ole Miss (RPI: 22), or a road win over Vandy (RPI: 11). Arkansas (RPI: 37) would be a nice win also. Win two of those three and finish 11-5 overall, I think the tourney puts the Cats in. 2. Alot of nuggets from the weekend of high school basketball, including several notes about UK recruits and commits.  Also, congrats to Scotty Hopson and University Heights on winning the All "A" state title.  If you go see his team play, I promise you will be just as impressed with the point guard on the team, Tyshwan Edmonson.  He actually was named MVP of the tournament, not Hopson.  And while Billy Gillispie was there this weekend, I continue to hear from recruiting people that Kentucky has not been pursuing Hopson, in part because of a "lack of effort" in games.  Hopson is a huge talent, but think of it as a Joe Crawford situation at the beginning of this season, except Hopson is a freshman, meaning it would take him longer to turn it around.  3. Speaking of recruiting, a good story by Mark Story about the stresses of being a UK recruit, especially on the message boards.  Ironic that the article focuses on Dakotah Euton because I crushed Euton about a month and a half ago.  But, my feeling on it is that it's the way the buisness of college athletics work.  And once you commit to a school, you are pretty much a part of that buisness.  If he cant take the criticism, especially his parents, then they need to stay off the boards, which his dad said they would.  If I was in Euton's place, I wouldnt give two shats about what the fans thought, or some blogger writes.  Who are we, and frankly, who cares what the fans say.  You play like crap, you get criticism, you play great, they will flip and start loving you.  Look at Ramel Bradley this year. 4. I think we finally know the charecter of this basketball team, and its much closer to 1992 Cats then 1996 Cats to say the least.  This team will be in close games every night, causing the fanbase to lose 10 years off their lives.  But, they will always show tons of heart, and grit, and fight, as John Clay touches on. 5. A few notes on the status of UK football recruiting as we are now just 2 days from signing day.  The one scary fact from the article, Aaron Boyd is gonna wait for brother Shane to make his decision.  Do you think Shane would actually push his brother to UK?  I doubt it. 6. Very strange set of commercials for last night's Super Bowl.  Some that were pretty good, ALOT that were terrible, and not one that goes down on the all-time list.  With that being said I would call: My Favorite Commercial: Lightning Bug gets Eaten (CareerBuilder) My Least Favorite Commerical: Baby Vomits (ETRADE) (I mean seriously, you ruined what was for 15 seconds one of the 5 best commercials by having the baby throw up.  Not only should the producer of this one get fired, but he should be thrown up on by every sick baby in the US.) 7. Speaking of commericals, here are 10 commercials with sexy female athletes in them.  And I would bet 9 out of 10 are better than any commercial shown last night. 8. I thought Tom Petty was great last night, hit on all of his major hits and strayed away from playing stuff that no one has ever heard off.  So, I strongly doubt Petty will make this list of the 10 worst Super Bowl halftime performers. 9. Congratulations goes out to former UK golfer JB Holmes, who won his second career PGA event yesterday in Scottsdale.  Ironically, JB has won both of his tournaments at the same event.  But, this win is extra sweet because he had to beat the world's second best golfer, Phil Mickleson in a playoff to do it.  For his efforts, Holmes take home a $1.08 million dollar check.

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