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Article written by:Bryan the InternBryan the Intern
  Daily RPI Update: 97 (up 17 spots after Aubrun win)  1. Day 2 of the KSR election is complete, and its time to drop the bottom candidates (Turkey Hunter, Hubby, and Bridwell).  Original Intern holds on to a slight lead, while Mosley makes a small push.  It would be quite the upset for the guy who created the blog to lose to an intern (the wrong intern I may add).  Voting ends FRIDAY.  Here are the standings so far. (1) Original Intern: 32% (2) Matt Jones: 28% (3) Mosley: 10% (4) Tomlin: 6% (T-5) Bryan the Intern, Rob Gidel, Mattox, Bomani Jones: 4% 2. I hope you have now heard the whole story behind Kevin Hart.  It turns out Hart, a high school senior, composed a large hoax to try and get a football scholarship to a Division 1 school, in this case California.  He held a press conference and everything.  Then when Cal says they have no damn clue who he is, he makes up a story about a middle man his family hired to help with recruiting, in hopes blame would get placed on that guy.  Well, that was a lie too and now Hart has criminal problems in front of him.  Honestly, I wish this hoax hadn't been discovered and Hart shows up at Cal's spring practice, with Jeff Tedford going "who the f*** is this guy, and why does he suck so bad?" 3. Good article by Rick Bozich today about the ridiculousness that is recruiting rankings.  All you need to say is UK 50ish ranked recruiting class beat Florida St.'s 3rd ranked recruiting class in a bowl game.  The same can be said for LSU.  How high was Boise St.'s senior class when it beat Oklahoma?    4. Now, even though I think recruiting rankings are irrelevant, I know many people like to use them.  So, ranks UK's class 51st nationally, 11th in the SEC. ranks UK as 57th nationally, and 11th in the SEC.  5. Article about EJ Fields from Frankfort, one of the top in-state kids who Kentucky signed yesterday. 6. Dick Vitale is back.  Blah, blah, blah.  He was he same usual self.  Good to hear his voice again, and it sounded like he splurged in his pants every Duke basket.  But you know what makes it worse?  That his sidekick, Mike Patrick, is a worse Duke lover than Vitale.  Every Paulus basket was "clutch" or "huge", but every UNC basket was "nice move".  I guess that UK fans can't complain though.  We have Larry Conley calling a ton of our games.  7. They're back!!!!! More lists today with hot women in them.  And I guess the ladies can like this too because its the 30 hottest sports couples8. I am sorry, but the Shaq to Pheonix trade is one of the worst trades I have seen.  The obvious problem is that Pheonix runs up and down so fast and Shaq hasn't run since 2002.  But, Kareem had the same problem with the Showtime Lakers and that seemed to work OK.  But, the REAL problem with this trade is that they got Shaq to matchup up with Duncan and Gasol in the playoffs.  But, it forces the Suns to play a slower style than they have ALL season.  For a football comparison, if you play the option all year and then for the bowl game, you switch to the West Coast offense, it won't work.  Conclusion: have fun losing in the second round Suns!!!  Here are 10 other terrible trades.

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