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Article written by:Bryan the InternBryan the Intern
crystalhornishishot  A couple positives from last night's game (and these were hard to find): (a) The Cats RPI actually WENT UP 5 SPOTS to 83 after the loss. (b) UK still sits at 6-3 in conference, and I will say it again, no BIG 6 conference team has been left out of the 64-team tournament with a 11-5 conference record or better, EVER. (c) Kentucky still has games left with Tennessee (1), Mississippi (31), Arkansas (34), and Florida (44) remaining, meaning they still have many oppotunities to improve their resume.  And dont forget they will probably get a couple shots at good teams in the SEC Tournament.  I don't think last night's loss was as bad as people think.  Admittedly, if UK is one of the last teams being considered on Selection Sunday, this loss may come up.  But, if the Cats take care of buisness the rest of the way, winning 5 out of 7, then getting to the SEC tourney semis lets say, that puts them at 19-13 overall.  Thats the bare minuimum of what UK has to do.  The Vandy game was always seen as a probable loss for the Cats, and although the way Kentucky lost should not be ignored, lets not conceed the "sky is falling" just yet.  It still only counted as one loss.  On to the links: 1. The Courier-Journal's Eric Crawford analyzes last night's loss to Vandy.  He, like everyone I have talked to, wonders why exactly Jodie Meeks played with the team down 40. 2. John Clay counts down the many ways last nights game was historic and embarassing. 3. Here are links to the post-game press conference last night.  Even audio from Jodie Meeks about his health and playing time.  4. Pat Forde uses Valentine's Day to list some of his best college basketball couples, breakups, and relationships on the rocks. 5. Article about the most overrated overachievers in sports.  And, UK fans will find one of the people and videos very funny and Cat-related. 6. The Daytona 500 is just a couple days away, and one of the great things that NASCAR has started doing the past couple years is allowing the wives and girlfriends into the crew area, meaning they get alot of camera time.  I truly dont know of any other group of athletes that gets women more over their heads than NASCAR drivers.  Maybe golfers.  Anyway, here is a couple photos of the best NASCAR wives.

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