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597 Seriously, I am not joking, this picture was taken at a Kentucky Walmart.  I really hope you over-eager people out there shopping today, run into this woman at your local store.  1) I truly don't care what your opinion of Tubby Smith is when it comes to UK.  You HAVE to pull for the guy at Minnesota.  He is just too good of a guy not to.  And it appears he may just have himself a Top 15 team this season after defeating Butler last night.  The announcers brought up a good point during the broadcast and that is that Tubby is very likely to go into the Hall of Fame sometime in the future.  Which makes me wonder again why he shouldn't be in the rafters at Rupp Arena.  2) Speaking of that picture above, you must, must, must visit the website  Easily one of the 5 best websites out there.  Along with,,, and google.  3) Hall of Famer Jim Kelly thinks that Tim Tebow is the answer at QB for the Buffalo Bills.  It will be interesting to see how Tebow fares in the NFL.  It really is 50-50 that Tebow is successful, because I think he has the smarts, mobility, and work ethic to perform.  He has a strong arm, but he seems to be very tentative with the deep passes.  Is this because its not part of the Florida offense or can Tebow just not throw them?  Only time will tell.  4) A quick breakdown of the 10 pass plays to call in your backyard football game. 5) In honor of Thanksgiving, without question the greatest Thanksgiving football moment, Leon Lett with his SECOND huge blunder.  Do you realize that one man, Lett, probably has 2 of the 5 biggest blunders in FOOTBALL HISTORY? 

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