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Yesterday, I posted what John Wall's projected stats would be if he continued playing as he has so far this season.  On his current pace, he would break the freshman scoring, assists, and steals record at UK, and break the UK overall assists and steals single season record.    But, as one commenter pointed out, its unlikely that Wall would continue that pace against the much stiffer competition that is coming in the next few weeks.  So, let me just give you an idea of what Wall would need to average to break the freshman and overall records at UK: POINTS Current Pace: 648 (Would break UK Freshman season record, 12th all-time) Current Freshman Record: 464 (Rex Chapman, 1987) What Wall needs to average this season: 13.3 PPG (Currently averaging 18.5 PPG) ASSISTS Current Pace: 274 (Would break UK Freshman season record and UK all-time season record) Current Freshman Record: 126 (Dirk Minnefield, 1980) What Wall needs to average this season: 3.6 APG (Currently averaging 7.8 APG) Current UK single season record: 232 (Roger Harden, 1986) What Wall needs to average this season: 6.6 APG (Currently averaging 7.8 APG) STEALS Current Pace: 88 (Would break UK Freshman season record and UK all-time season record) Current Freshman and UK single season Record: 87 (Rajon Rondo, 2005) What Wall needs to average this season: 2.5 SPG (Currently averaging 2.5 SPG) _______________________________________________________________________ 1. If you watched the UNC-Michigan last night, it is not hard to figure out what will decide the game this weekend against the Tar Heels.  It is simply Ed Davis/Deon Thompson vs Patrick Patterson/Demarcus Cousins.  Davis and Thompson are the first truly skilled big men the Cats will face and I am GREATLY worried about Cousins getting into foul trouble.  This game will likely be decided in the first 5 minutes.  If Cousins gets 2 fouls early, UK is in trouble.  If he can handle himself, Cats should win, because Wall will be the best player on the floor, and Cats only need to play even on the inside.  2. So, who are the likely replacementsat the major college football jobs that have recently opened up?  Well if you are Louisville, its Charlie Strong, two washed up coaches, or another C-USA coach.  Or if you are a Louisville fan, you think Bob Stoops or Knute Rockne is coming.  I am not joking, there is a push from UL fans to try and lure STEVE SPURRIER to Louisville.  STEVE FREAKIN SPURRIER!  I think our fanbase and its ability to occasionally be delusional has rubbed off on our chin-strapped beard brothers. 3. Watch what happened when Katie Martin joined the boys during the podcast last weekend.  Don't worry about the changed names, the guys are so popular they have to use alias' when they go out in public. 4. Since KSR writers are, by contract, supposed to worship Tucker Max, I thought I would link his latest music video.  Or at least I am assuming that is him. 5. Question for the readers:  What punishment is appropriate for what this NHL player did?  After giving up a goal, this player tries to smash his stick into the goalpost, but instead smashes it into his own goalies head.  The goalie is carried off on a stretcher.  Should the punishment be LESS because he slashed his own teammate accidentally, OR should punishment be the same because of his reckless swing as if he hit an opponent? 6. Check out the new trailer for the hot upcoming movie of the holidays.

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