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NOTE: THE STEVE JOHNSON-JOHN WALL RAP THAT IS BEING CALLED FOR WILL BE POSTED AT 11AM.  UNTIL THEN, READ MY POST. Was Saturday one of the 5 best sports days this season or what?  I began watching sports at noon and didn't stop until 11:00PM.  Here is the rundown and my thoughts on the major events of the day: Cincinnati 45, Pittsburgh 44 (12PM start): I know its really easy to pick on the Big East, and there is no doubt that the bottom of league (Syracuse, UL) are as bad as it gets.  But, I thought this was the best game of the day by far.  And I think both of these teams could play with anybody in the country.  Cincinnati is very skilled, and I will be interested to see them against Florida.  I think that game really sets up for a Cinci win.  And Pittsburgh has a freshman running back who carried the ball 47 TIMES, and was VERY impressive.  Add to that it snowed the entire game, and this was an instant classic. UK 68, UNC 66 (12:30PM start): Here's how I explained this game to a friend of mine who didn't get to watch it.  I said that it would have hurt to have blown this game after getting such a large lead, but it would not have been as deflating as the past couple years because you can still see the potential of this team.  Whereas after a loss last year, you thought that team couldn't get any better, this year's team you know if going to be much better later this year, and thus a loss would have been more acceptable.  John Wall and Patrick Patterson are, without question, the best 1-2 punch in college basketball. Alabama 32, Florida 13 (4:00PM start): The game with the biggest hype turned out to be the biggest dud of the day.  I could not believe just how physical Bama played and Florida never responded.  There was not an aspect of the game that Alabama did not control, and the inevitable Tebow 4th quarter "passionate speech" did not work this time.  And then Tebow cried like Adam Morrison at the end of the game.  Congrats to Nick Saban for winning his 2nd national title. North Carolina 1, Notre Dame 0 (Women's NCAA Soccer Semifinals): That's right, I watched about 20 minutes of a soccer match....a women's soccer match......a women's college soccer match.  And what do you know, it ended with one team not scoring.  Safe to say, I will not be watching the finals. Georgia Tech 39, Clemson 34 (6:30PM start): Another game that didn't get alot of hype but surpassed both the SEC and Big 12 games in execution and excitement.  Georgia Tech is very cool to watch, and if they recruit well, could become a force in the ACC, along with Virginia Tech.  Did you know that Clemson's coach makes less than 1-million per season?  Seriously, I know the guy's name is Dabo, but he needs to make more money.  Anyway, the ACC seems to be another conference that is lacking depth, but at the top of the conference is very solid.  Which means UK is getting a very good Clemson team, which will be a good litmus test of where the Cats are as a program. Texas 13, Nebraska 12 (8:00PM start): This game was interesting to watch because it was very poorly played, yet I couldn't seem to turn it off.  Just the fact that this would have been a huge upset and thrown the BCS into chaos made the poor play a minor inconvenience.  I have always wavered on Colt McCoy and I am now officially in the "overrated" camp for him.  When a defense is fast enough to chase him (cough...cough....Alabama), he rushes throws and makes mistakes.  I say Alabama beats Texas by more than 19 they beat Florida. It was a truly exhausting 11 hours of sports, but then again, I would do it over today and every day if I could.  And I am really looking forward to the BCS games this year.  I don't think there is a weak one in the bunch. _________________________________________________________________ 1) I wasn't sure if I was the only one who noticed this, but clearly I was not.  The announcing of the SEC title game by Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson was atrocious.  They were wrong in every 3rd sentence and in general, had no damn clue what was going on.  Lucky for everybody, a video was made of much of their confusion. 2) Charlie Weis is trying to put Pete Carroll in a corner, claiming he is having an affair with a grad student in Malibu.  That, my friends, is called sour grapes. (Note: Weis has since apologized, which is like apologizing to a man on Maury after you find out he is NOT THE FATHER). 3) Greg Oden is now the modern day Sam Bowie. 4) The best tennis played in all of the United Kingdom was recently dumped by his hotter-than-him girlfriend because he played video games too much.  What in the hell is wrong with famous athletes these days?  They nearly all get wives/girlfriends that are waaaaaaayyyyy out of their leagues, yet they cheat/play video games  instead of bowing down for these women.  While less than stellar looking guys like myself Will Lentz have to settle for the 4th best looking girl from a 3-girl group. 5) With Allen Iverson becoming the Brett Favre of the NBA, I figure now is a good time to bring this back.

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