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The internet was abuzz yesterday of John Wall's performance in MSG, but I was more amazed of the rampant rumors throughout the Facebook and Twitter world of other feats that John Wall has accomplished.  Some of them include: -John Wall is now a leading candidate for the Heisman Trophy. -John Wall cured swine flu -John Wall found Osama Bin Laden after Wednesday's game -John Wall found the money to pay for health care -John Wall called Demarcus Cousins "Carl" and lived to tell about it -John Wall didn't sweat on Wednesday...or ever -John Wall slept with all of Tiger Woods' mistresses.....8 years ago. -John Wall discovered where Tupac is hiding -John Wall beat Usain Bolt in a 100-meter race -John Wall took the SAT for fun....and scored a 1670 -John Wall fired Donald Trump from his own company -John Wall already has the NBA MVP wrapped up for this year -John Wall actually dunked over Lebron James -John Wall shot a 64 at Bethpage Black -John Wall taught George Lopez how to be funny If you have other rumors you have heard, just let me know in the comments section __________________________________________________________________ Quick update on John Wall trying to break records at UK POINTS Currently: 152 pts. Pace (35 games): 665 pts. Freshman record: 464 pts. (Rex Chapman) ASSISTS Currently: 56 ast. Pace (35 games): 245 ast. Freshman record: 126 ast. (Dirk Minnefield) School record: 232 ast. (Roger Harden) STEALS Currently: 24 stl. Pace (35 games): 105 stl. Freshman record: 87 stl. (Rajon Rondo) School record: 87 stl. (Rondo) FREE THROWS MADE Currently: 46 made Pace (35 games): 201 made Freshman record:131 made (Dwight Anderson) School Record: 218 made (Kenny Walker) ________________________________________________________________ 1) The wins over UNC and UCONN now have the Cats garnering some respect from the national writers who doubted them after the Miami (OH) game.  Luke Winn of has jumped the Cats all the way to #2 in his Power Rankings. 2) I guess I was wrong a couple days ago when I predicted that Colt McCoy would win the Hesiman, because a website called actually tallies the actual votes from the media who vote for the award.  They have been right for 7 consecutive years, and they are predicting Mark Ingram to win the trophy, with Toby Gerhart 2nd and Mr. Suh getting 3rd.  So, the guy who I thought SHOULD win the trophy might actually win it.  Genius. 3) Seriously, ESPN has jumped the shark with this whole Rick Reilly thing.  They now had him hosting Sportscenter last night, and it was without question, the worst Sportscenter in history.  You could have Michelle Bonner and Sage Steel host the show and it would have been better.  Why ESPN basically broke the bank to get Reilly a few years ago is beyond me. All Reilly did was write ONE ARTICLE a week of about 250 words for Sports Illustrated.  If I only had to write one Picks to Click a week, I might possibly be the best writer at this site.  Well, maybe behind Patrick Barker, who has quickly become my favorite writer at KSR. (Suck it Beisner) 4) Normally, I wouldn't post fishing bloopers.  But when they are fishing bloopers from a UT fan, I just have to link it.

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