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Take that Katie Martin. I can't believe it, but there is actually a website out there that tries and disprove that a playoff would be good for college football.  They claim that a playoff would only cause more controversy because of these questions: 1) Who would participate? 2) How many automatic qualifiers? 3) What would be the criteria to qualify? 4) What would be the criteria for seedings? 5) Where would the games be played? 6) When would the games be played? To which I say: 1) The six BCS champions and 2 at-large teams 2) The six BCS champions and any undefeated non-BCS teams with AT LEAST 2 BCS wins 3) Winning your conference 4) The BCS standings 5) The first round games would be played at the 4 BCS bowl sites, the semifinals would be played at two of the mega-domes throughout the country (New Orleans, Indy, etc.) and the championship played at a BCS site. 6) The final week of December and the first two weeks of January. Wait a minute, did I just answer those six ridiculous questions?  Guess we can have a playoff now.  Morons. ____________________________________________________________________ 1) There were 3 games last weekend between SEC and ACC football teams.  The SEC was favored in one game (Florida) and the underdog in 2 of them (Georgia and South Carolina).  Guess how many the SEC won: ALL THREE.  By a combined score of 101-51.    2) I posted on my facebook page Saturday that is was impossible to crash your carinto a fire hydrant and a tree at 3AM without drugs and/or alcohol being involved.  Of course, I didn't take into account that Tiger Woods' wife might have been chasing him down with a golf club.  You just know that one of two things are gonna happen here: a massive cover-up or bad news for Tiger Woods.  I have a feeling that a cover-up/lie is coming. 3) Could Duke actually be for realthis season?  Yeah, I don't think so either. 4) Don't worry baseball fans, you only have to put up with Bud Selig for ANOTHER 3 YEARS.  The worst commissioner in baseball history.  Allowed steroids, allowed big market baseball, and the worst marketing commissioner in sports history.

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