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THE SINGLE GREATEST INDIVIDUAL PERFORMANCE OF THE DECADE.  1) 40 hottest female athletes of the 2000's.  Enough said. (As always, the hot girl list goes out to Patrick and Erica, who ask for them all the time.) 2) CNNSI looks at college basketball of the 2000's.  You will only see Kentucky mentioned once, and its not the most positive moment of the decade.  But, you will see John Calipari a few times, which leads me to think the 2010's will be a great decade for UK. 3) So, did Steve McNair's affair and then murder make other NFL players change their cheating ways for fear of having the same fate.  As this fantastic article shows, the answer is generally NO.  4) Erin Andrews is on the warpath to take down her stalker/peep hole peeper.  5) Sports bloopers never get old UPDATE: Not to step on BTI's post, but ESPN is reporting that the Bengals Chris Henry has passed away. --CJ

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