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1) After Saturday's 13-point loss to Texas, UNC's Marcus Ginyard was asked what was the best team the Tar Heels have played this season, and Ginyard said that is was Texas, no question.  Now, the question I have for you animals is this:  "Are you offended or angered by this at all?"  Because I got to be honest, I am not.  The fact of the matter is I think both Kansas and Texas beat the Cats at least 5 out of 10 times this year, and certainly right now both teams are playing better.  But, in the end, a possible meeting in March is all that is gonna matter. 2) Here is how a 16-team playoff AND the bowls would have played out, if of course we didn't have rich stupid people running things.  The great thing about this is how they show the dates of the games, and how even in 16-team playoff, the season would be over on January 9th.  So, the "season would be too long" argument, goes straight out the window.  3) Here is a really fantastic set of videos of the Top 10 bowl games of the decade, complete with highlight videos of all the games.  Really cool.  4) NFL cheerleaders dressed in their holiday "outfits". 5) Kate Martin: WATCH CLOSELY!

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