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-If you were wondering, the person who continues to rank Kentucky #1 in the AP poll is a guy named Scott Johnson, a Washington writer.  The state of Kentucky's voter, Rick Bozich, has the Cats at #3.  Another guy to keep an eye on is Dave Jones, out of Pennsylvania, who has the Cats at #6, the lowest any person ranked UK.    -Heads up, I am about to go on a rant.  I don't know how I saw it, but I just happened to catch that the Texas Rangers yesterday signed 39-year-old Darren Oliver to a 1-year deal, FOR 3.5 MILLION DOLLARS!  Oliver is a old middle reliever who honestly pitched very well last season, but has a career 4.75 ERA.  Did I mention he is OLD.  And yet, he will make 3.5 million dollars next season.  Now, let me ask you this: will one single fan, outside of Oliver's friends and family, buy a ticket to a Rangers game to see Oliver play this season?  So, where do the Rangers figure Oliver is worth 3.5 million dollars?  If Oliver doesn't pitch for them, do you think the attendance would be damaged 3.5 million dollars worth because the team would be that much worse?  I just don't understand the salaries that some athletes make.  Oliver pitched in 63 of 162 games last season, or 38% of the games.  And in those 63 games, Oliver threw 73 innings.  For what is essentially pitching 8 full games, Oliver deserves 3.5 million dollars?  Now, I understand that Oliver has skill that you and I don't have, but NOBODY comes to the ballpark to see Oliver show off those skills.  So, again, explain to me why Darren Oliver or any middle reliever in baseball deserves to make over the league minimum or not much above that?  -Can you believe this story coming out of the USC football program?  Star running back Joe Mcknight is under investigation because people are wandering how exactly he got a very nice car he is driving around.  Well, Mcknight says its his girlfriend's car, and how she got it is where the story becomes just a smidge suspicious.  Turns out the story they are sticking to is that a local buisnessman gave the car to the woman because she is a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend.  Or something like that.  Anyway, Mcknight is in hot water because he told investigators he didn't drive the car despite the fact that 50 bajillion people saw him do it.  All I can say is: Bobby Knight, your move. -Better tell your little kids that Santa might not bring them as many gifts this year.

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