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rich-brooks-1982pearl-1990patterson2-1986gillispie-1976farmer-1968snedegar-1980thomas-beisner Happy New Year to all of you fine Picks to Click readers out there. I hope your night brought you joy and a kiss from a fatty. Lord knows Matt Jones' probably did. As I sat at home last night trying not to think of all the money I was losing for the baby not being born before midnight (no tax break and daddy starts a new expensive insurance policy through work today), I flashed myself back a decade to January 1, 2000. Life was much simpler then. I was just the lanky and uncoordinated new kid at South Oldham High School and had just embarked on a rather unremarkable Dragon basketball career that would see my pair the physicality and hands of Perry Stevenson with the prima donna attitude of Lance Stephenson. On the positive side, my acne was clearing up and I think I might have even talked to a girl once that year. And, as they say, the rest is history... __________________________________________________________________________ Non-Updated KSR Favorite Blogger Contest Standings (my math is worse than my writing and I'm not an intern so I'm not calculating this...this is the same as the past two days) 1. Drew Franklin: 23.2% (-2.9%) 2. Beisner: 18.3% (+1.3%) 3. Dustin Rumbaugh: 11.6% (-1.1%) 4. Matt Jones: 9.8% (-1.1%) T-5. BTI/Kate Martin: 9.4% (+.9%) 7. Rob Gidel: 5.4% (-.1%) 8. Tomlin: 4.0% (+1.0%) 9. Hunter Campbell: 3.6% (+1.2%) 10. Fake Gimel: 2.7% (-.3%) 11. Will Lentz: 0.9% (+.3%) T-12. Chris Johns/Mosley/Patrick Barker: 0.4% (-.2%) KEEP VOTING IN TODAY’S POST. ____________________________________________________________________________ (1) During the Sun Bowl (you mean you didn't watch the Sun Bowl), an Oklahoma player suffered an injury so gruesome that CBS wouldn't show it on the air. Of course, someone was able to get a picture of the injury and it made its way to The Big Lead. Take a look if you dare. (2) I got a little carried away with my Mike Leach rambling yesterday and I forgot to post this. This is R. Kelly's take on the Leach situation, thanks to Everyday Should Be Saturday. (3) In other news I don't find the least bit interesting but is probably necessary to mention, AT&T dropped Tiger Woods as a spokesman Wednesday. In six months to a year, when Tiger is again killing people on the course and no one cares about Vegas skanks anymore, I'm sure they'll be back in line (along with Accenture) to sign him up again. That's just how the world works. (4) The first sign of any potential repercussions for his strange "I'm quitting, I'm not quitting" episode last weekend dropped yesterday as five-star safety Matt Elam switched commitments from Florida to Florida State, citing Urban Meyer's recent behavior. Elam, who has been committed to the Gators for over a year, said he feels like he only announced his change of heart to try to save recruits and he didn't want to go to Gainesville and then have Meyer leave. (5) Speaking of the Gators, there's a little battle brewing down here over their Sugar Bowl appearance. Two Gator fans are suing Fox to make sure they show the Sugar Bowl in the state of Florida, after they've threatened not to do so thanks to a dispute with Bright House. In case you've ever doubted how Florida football fandom pales in comparision to UK basketball fandom, think about if this was Kentucky and the UK - U of L game. There would be hostages and there would be blood spilled. Florida fans just aren't serious enough. Another New Year's, another ESPN totally extreme moment... And, in case you forgot.....

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