Bryan the Intern's Picks to Click

Bryan the Intern's Picks to Click

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  RPI Update: 84 (LSU: 176)  1. A more detailed article about the status of Jodie Meeks, including quotes from both Meeks and Billy Gillispie. 2. Feature article in the Courier-Journal about the improvement of Rajon Rondo.  Rondo has stepped up perfectly as a third option for the Celtics with Kevin Garnett out with an abdominal strain.  3. All of the sudden, LSU looks like a very difficult game for the Cats Saturday.  I would be willing to bet that UK is a 1-3 point underdog in the game.  The Advocate-Messanger discusses exactly what makes the Tigers dangerous. 4. Do you want a piece of history?  Kentucky is now selling pieces of the floor from the 1996 National Championship. 5. Cheerleading and poker.  Are these sports?  I don't know, but they made the list of the greatest sports movies of the last decade. 6. The highlight of NBA All-Star weekend is not the game or celebrity contest, its gotta be the dunk contest, which in recent years has stepped up with some top stars like Dwight Howard.  Here is a compliation of the 22 greatest dunk competitions, with highlights for each year.

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