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chargersvcolts01 VERY INTERESTING NOTE: Just to put my 2 cents in on Rich Brooks, I heard this on a local sportscast last night and thought it spoke volumes of the type of man Brooks is.  It was reported that Mitch Barnhart offered to double Brooks' salary next season to get him to come back one more year.  Brooks responded by saying he wanted that money to go to raise the salaries of his assistants.  Obviously an agreement couldn't be reached on that, but it just tells you the quality of man Brooks is to think of his assistants first, and pass up a chance at a doubled salary.  Do you think Nick Saban would have done that? 1) Kentucky continues to hold strong at #3 in the AP poll.  And the one voter who continues to vote them #1: Scott Johnson in Washington state. 2) You know how many of you HATE that sometimes politics are brought up on this site because this is supposed to be a sports site.  Well, the "fine" folks at Fox News pulled the opposite move, diving into the sports world and the problems of Tiger Woods.  And in typical political blowhard fashion, they come off looking stupid.  The basic point of this moron was that Tiger, as a Buddhist, should convert to the Christian faith because "it's more forgiving".  I really don't think I need to dive into the stupidity of this statement other than to say "political moron talking heads should stick to the corruptness and stupidity of politics, and leave sports to the normal people". 3) The NFL is looking for ways to push good teams to play their starters in the final two weeks of the season, so that teams like the Jets don't get to sneak into the playoffs playing a bunch of CFL-caliber players the final 2 weeks. 4) Willis Mcgahee gave a FANTASTIC Demarcus Cousins forearm shiver to a Raiders player Sunday. Bryan the Intern has been writing for KentuckySportsRadio since December 2007.  He graduated from Western Kentucky University and currently works as a radio producer.  If you would like to contact BTI, send an email to [email protected].

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