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Who knew that Gilbert Arenas played at Tennessee? 1) NOTE: KentuckySportsRadio is shutting down forever at 11AM today because it appears that Major League Soccer is going on strike.  And frankly, if we can't have semi-pro soccer in this country, whats the point in having this blog. 2) This weekend, Matt is going to make Patrick Barker do this for "charity".  3) A few of you criticized me yesterday because you all thought I had crushed Gilbert Arenas before knowing the whole story, because of course bringing your guns to your workplace always has a good, reasonable excuse.  Well, now those few of you can eat crow because the story between Arenas and teammate Javaris Crittenden has become pretty insane.  More or less, Critt said he would like to shoot Arenas is his bad knee, to which Arenas laid out his 4 guns (and who has 4 guns in their actual possession) and asked Critt to "pick one?".  At that point, Critt pulled out his own gun and loaded a round, but it appears did not point it at Arenas.  Look, both guys are equally as stupid, and deserve to get AT LEAST a 2-year suspension from the NBA.  And think of it this way again: If you or I bring a gun into our workplace, what would happen :IMMEDIATE TERMINATION.  So, my question is why don't Critt and Arenas deserve lifetime banishment from the league?  How many people did they put in danger with their little gun-play?  4) Bert Byleven is a guy that's basically from my dad's generation, so I have no darn clue if he really is a Hall of Famer.  BUT, every year, guys over 40 say that it's a travesty he has not gotten in yet, and even more entertaining, every year Blyleven gives more and more angry about being snubbed. 5) Hey, the PGA Tour has started back up and ALL the big stars are out this first week....except for Tiger and Phil and Vijay and Ernie.  But besides those slackers, they are all there.  Including Kenny Perry, who the UK fanbase almost considers one of their own it seems like, who is just 2 shots out of the lead after Round 1. 6) If you didn't catch Rajon Rondo's game tying shot from 2 nights ago, here it is.

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