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As Matt mentioned on Friday, in one of the most shocking things I have ever experienced and many people in Louisville are surrounding areas experienced, my good friend and radio host Francene passed away after a short illness.  And while I know many, if not most, of you had no clue who she was or what she did, after she died, my mind actually shifted over to this website.  I say many dumb things when doing my daily post, sometimes its to simply get a rise out you, and sometimes its because I am just that dumb.  But what can never be disputed is I am not a journalist, don't do the sufficient research to actually put a legitimate argument on anything not UK related, and in general have no credibility.  But Francene, on the other hand, had about as much credibility as anyone I have ever known.  We argue so much on this site about politics, yet so few of us actually have researched enough to know what we are talking about.  But, Francene made it a point to be the most informed person in the room, and for those who heard her show, you could tell through her interview skills just how prepared she was.  And then to top it all of, she was equally as fair and equally as tough to both sides of the aisle.  She was in the business of righting wrongs, shedding light on the unjust, and congratulating the wonderful acts of everyday people.  She was not in the business of choosing a political side and unfairly attacking the other.    My whole point in writing all that is when it comes to matters of the world, political or social, BTI or Beisner or even Matt is not the place to go.  People like Francene is where you need to go.  She was the type of person who could push the needle and give you a fair and informed insight in the problems and successes in America.  We truly lost a rare breed of person on Friday.  People like me who spout about serious issues in a stupid way come a dime a dozen.  But an informed and reasonable person, who would tell you she was advocating the people over any party, well that is hard to find these days.  I am not saying that I will never say stupid things on this post again, but when you put in perspective, you should never take my thoughts as something to worked up about.  Take serious people serious, and take silly people like me with a silly attitude.  For those of you who would be so inclined, Francene's family is asking for donations to go to the research of brain aneurysms.  You can go to any BB&T Bank Branch and ask about the "Francene Fund" for more information.      All of links will be back to normal tomorrow, and then we can get back into our love-hate relationship, but at least for today, we can all recognize the great loss to the Kentucky community that Francene's death has caused.

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