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1) Pat Forde, love him or hate him, really does a fantastic job with his Forde Minutes and Forde-Yard Dash.  And he knocks it out of the park again this week, when he examines the teams that can win the national title, and UK ranks right at the top of the list.  2) Interesting article by Stewart Mandel about how some of the college basketball powers (UNC and UCLA in particular) have really fallen off this season.  Remember the days when UK was ALWAYS included in that conversation.  Ah, it feels good to be back in the spotlight. 3) A few weeks ago I posted a video of a prank where a guy gets blindfolded and then tricked into thinking he made a shot and won a ton of cash.  Well, a high school tried to pull the same prank on its girls coach, except HE HIT THE SHOT.  Now, they are trying to actually find him a prize.  You give a woman a job to do, and she screws it up.  At least that what Barker always says.  I don't agree. 4) Did Adrian Peterson fumble to ball 15 times in the NFC title game because his hands were greasy?  That's what the folks at Deadspin are trying to figure out. 5) OK, OK, you all wanted some positive US soccer news, and I am only here for you.  Or at least those of you who like me, which means Beisner's wife.....oh snap!  Anyway, if you want a kinda cool story from ESPN, check out the story of Charlie Davies, who was in a very serious car accident and is still trying to play in the World Cup. 6) CBS is getting serious pressure to pull an ad for Super Bowl Sunday featuring Tim Tebow and is anti-abortion.  My question is: since when did political ads get into the Super Bowl?  Super Bowl Ad's are supposed to be funny and interesting, and generally not politically motivated. 7) By now, you may or may not have heard about the sad story in the family of Nancy Kerrigan.  Basically, Kerrigan's brother may or may not have contributed to the death of their father.  The entire story still has to unfold but it's sad anyway you look at it.  What isn't sad is that of all the people in the world to offer a comment about the situation, who do you think should be the last?  The answer is obvious, I hope: Tonya Harding.  I don't even care that Harding is simply offering her condolances, she should have NOTHING to ever say about ANYTHING when it comes to Kerrigan.  It would be funny if it wasn't so sad. 8) Tough news out of Las Vegas last night, where Derrick Jasper went down again with a knee injury.  Jasper was always a good kid at UK, but caught Gillispie disease and never recoevered. 9) Something funny for your Wednesday

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