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Matt Jonesover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
1) Let's take a look at the Top 100 recruits in the country. You will notice that Kentucky has commitments from many of these top players. Hold on one second folks.....what's that Kate.......oh sorry, I meant to say Florida, not Kentucky, has committments from many of the Top 100. My bad. 2) ESPN takes a look at the national player of the year race, including the resumes of Demarcus Cousins and John Wall. 3) Rajon Rondo may have started something he didn't want, saying the Celtics have some lockerroom issues with selfishness. It's amazing how in one season, Rondo has become as noticeable as Garnett, Pierce, and Allen on that team, but he might need to learn a little about keeping lockerroom issues private. 4) Dime Magazine has released an article arguing that Demarcus Cousins should come back to UK next season. Of course, they also use the name "Demarcus Thuggins", so I am not sure how credible that magazine is. 5) You all know how I love to pick on Michelle Wie. She may be the most overrated athlete of the past decade. And in a recent interview with Golf Digest, she makes herself look completely silly by saying she can't remember her struggles in 2007, when she "withdrew" from a tournament so she didn't lose her Tour Card, and basically played like a 9th grade JV player. And that's not an exageration, she claims she actually can't even remember playing. 6) Bobby Knight now coaching high school girl's volleyball team

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