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08superbowl_slide1 Early leader for 2010 Sports Picture of the Year 1) Here is a really interesting blog entry by the Courier-Journal's Eric Crawford assessing the John Wall controversy from last week.  He takes a unique angle on the whole thing, and that is the player-coach relationship with Coach Caland his players.  The idea that UK players have the same relationship with Cal as they did with Gillispie or Tubby is misguided, and Wall's comments are closer to normal than crazy from a Cal player. 2) The NCAA Tourney Bubbleis starting to get pretty heavy with teams from the SEC, and unfortunately there is not a single UK non-conference opponent this season that is a lock for the tournament, yet.  I expect Louisville and UCONN to still make it, but UNC and Indiana are OUT. 3) The recruit who almost was, Xavier Henry, has seen his production drop BIG TIME since, well playing good teams in the Big 12 (last night being the exception).  Too bad he didn't come to Kentucky, where he would have been the 5th best player on the team. 4) I know this website has probably been around for a long time now, but I just recently got hooked on, and its about as funny a site as there is.  Mostly because it will only boost your self-esteem when you see how many moronic, low class people there are.  You can also get that feeling watching Maury. 5) Say hello to the coolest high schooler in the country (not Brandon Knight), Conner Cordova.  He was actually able to convince a Maxim model and UFC Ring Girl to be his date to the prom.  If I wasn't already dating Caroline Wozniacki, I would have pulled the same move in high school too. 6) True or False: Pete Townshend was NOT actually playing during the Super Bowl.  Look at his hand during his "windmill" move, its not even close to the strings.

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