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Bryan the Intern's Picks to Click

Bryan the Internabout 14 years


Article written by:Bryan the InternBryan the Intern
sm_gordon_s28_0823z.jpg 1. If you haven't heard by now, Eric Gordon will be playing on Saturday, meaning whoever guards him is going to have a long day.  Send your regards to Ramon Harris and Joe Crawford.   2. I hope you got a chance to see John Clay's article from yesterday's Lexington-Herald Leader.  Because, as he proves in his blog from today, Indiana fans read it in full force and they were not happy.  Cleary, the Hoosier fanbase wants to win on Saturday a slight bit more than their rivals to the south.  Although, Clay did walk right into this argument. 3. The Hoosier Report gives us a look into the past of the UK-IU series, recapping a few of the great moments and games of the last 30 years.  I forgot how much Marco Killingsworth torched the Cats two years ago.  What the hell was wrong with that team? 4. Way to go LSU, you freakin chokin dogs.  You actually have a chance to give the SEC a quality win against a Top 25 opponent, you play really really well and are up 21(!) with 8 minutes to go.  I think you know where I am going with this, John Brady started coaching and the Tigers blew it, losing to Villanova by one. I guess you can call the South Carolina win over Providence a bright spot, except that its Providence, and you only beat them by one. SEC Basketball Sucks. 5. This article by from the Kentucky Kernel's Jonathan Smith sums it up perfectly about the Music City Bowl: this year's game is way more important than last year's and the main reason is that Florida State is still a name.  Although a super-overrated name.  With a really old coach and a QB that makes Rex Grossman look good.  If you cant tell, I like the Cats chances New Year's Eve. 6. CNNSI is flying through its mythical 16 team college football tournament and now enters the quarterfinals, with 3 SEC teams remaining.  As last check, Florida and LSU were winning their matchups, with Georgia slightly behind.  5 bucks says an SEC team wins this thing. 7. What in the heck is wrong with the University of Arkansas? While the state itself ranks 49th out of 50th in my list of favorite states (West Virginia is a runaway loser), you would think an athletic department that went through the fiasco of finding a basketball coach would have better luck with football.  But, when Wake Forest's coach says "No Thanks", you're football program has problems.  Another 5 bucks says they end up with a worse coach than Houston Nutt.  Bill Curry anyone? Guy Morris is available. 8. If you are wandering why I rank West Virginia dead last in my state rankings, it in part has to do with things like Eric Crawford is reporting today.  I agree with Eric that these type of things happen across the country, but WVU fans are known for being notoriosly nasty, vulgar, and disrespectful. 9. On the opposite side of things, LSU is running a wonderful program when you keep a coach away from his dream job, a job that is probably "easier" than in Baton Rouge, at least when dealing with fans.  But if your Les Miles, you're actually tricking everyone because you lose 2 games every year with the best talent in the country every year and yet two schools are girl-fighting over you.  Les Miles may have Legion-mother type powers. 10. As the year rolls to an end, we will certainly start looking back to the great moments and soundbites of 2007.  I feel pretty confident Mike Gundy and his 3 minute rant will rank pretty high on the awesome things that happened this year.  So, today we look back at ten of the greatest tirades ever. (As a reader commented on this earlier in the week, and he is right, DO NOT PRESS THE RED BUTTON).

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