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1) If you want to see all of UK's Sweet 16 or later games since 2000, head over to this website, which also has every other Sweet 16 game in the past decade in full.  Addicting and time-consuming.  2) Here is a fantastic website that combines every bracket projection they can find and mixes them all together to predict one mega-bracket.  As you would expect, UK is a 1-seed in all 63 brackets used. 3) I hadn't realized but Ole Miss has not had a mascot since 2003, likely do that whole "racism" rebel thing.  But now the student body is voting to get themselves a new human in a goofy costume, and they have gotten pretty creative with the options.  Well, right now the leader is some Star Wars charecter named Admiral Ackbar (pictured above).  Now, I am not a Star Wars fan, we leave that to Chris Johns, but I am REALLY pulling for that bug eyed creature up there, just to make Ole Miss even more ridiculous.  4) Gary Parish has made it to #3 on his Top 10 NCAA Tournament games of the decade with Arizona-Illinois in 2005.  5) I know there are a TON of wrestling fans that read this site, and the guy who freakin started the site could tell you every person that wrastled in the 1987 Royal Rumble.  But, I really hope I dont have to tell you all that the "realness" factor of that sport ranks somewhere between WMD's and Howard Cossell's hair.  Well, the good folks in Des Moines clearly need to get the memo, because they flooded an ambulance company phoneline after Brett Hart was "hurt" during a broadcast.... 6) ...Which leads nicely into this gem of a video

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