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  So, UK wins on Tuesday, and since that time their RPI has actually dropped to 73.  Part of this has to do with beating a horrible Georgia team (although UK went up 13 spots after beating a worse RPI LSU team).  But part of this has to do with what I have been emphasizing over the past couple weeks, UK needs to cheer for certain teams ahead of them in the RPI to lose.  So far this week, that hasn't been happening.  Here is a recap of teams just ahead of Kentucky in the RPI and how they have performed this week: Ohio (63) beat Bowling Green by 21 Creighton (70) beat Missouri St. by 21 Temple (62) beat St. Bonaventure by 14 N.C. State (60) lost to North Carolina by 14 Texas Tech (67) beat Colorado by 18 Villanova (59) beat West Virginia by 22 George Mason (65) beat Deleware by 12 VCU (66) beat Northeastern by 4 Wright St. (64) beat Detroit by 1 Florida (58) beat South Carolina by 4 Thats 9-1 in the wrong direction for the Cats, and since NC State was playing North Carolina, they stayed in front of UK as well.  The two teams that jumped ahead of Kentucky from the weekend are Creighton and Nevada.  On to the links (not much to give you today, sorry): 1. Article by Chuck Jones about the way this Kentucky team seems to make every game interesting.  They just don't have the offensive firepower to blow out teams in the SEC.  Frankly, if you cant blow out Georgia at home then you ain't gonna crush anybody this year. 2. If you hadn't heard, Duke lost AGAIN last night!!  But, after court rushings at Syracuse and Wake Forest recently, Miami security wasn't gonna have it.  Take a look at what security does to a poor UM student when he tries to celebrate. 3. Start keeping track now: the Suns are 0-1 with Shaq.  I will GUARANTEE this: the Suns WILL NOT get out of the second round of the playoffs.  The Lakers, Mavs, Spurs, Hornets, Jazz, and Nuggets are all better, mostly because they play a lick of defense. 4. I have seriuosly searched the Internet in all places for more funny or UK relevant stories, and they just dont exist today.  So, hopefully to keep you fans relaxed I present for the second time, the hottest 50 women in sports.  And if all of that doesn't work, here is my opinion on a couple things that maybe you can argue with me about: (1) The key to this season has been: PERRY STEVENSON, no i am serious, when Perry plays serious minutes (25 +) the Cats win, but when he doesn't, they lose.  The better point is when Perry plays, Mark Coury and Jared Carter don't have to and thats really why he becomes important. (2) I don't care two poops what happened to Dusty Mills.  It's Billy Gillispie's team, and as long as he physically ain't hurting the kids (talking to you Bobby Knight), then its fair game.  If Gillispie is such a cruel man, explain that great gesture of paying for the woman to get to the funeral.  (3) AJ Stewart SHOULD NOT BE PLAYING!! At the beginning of the conference season maybe.  But we are in crunch time now, and it confuses me that Gillispie now trusts him to come into the game, but didnt earlier.  Nothing will make me more angry than if AJ Stewart does something to cost the Cats a game. 

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