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Mel-Gibson-Moustache Uh oh.  Yep, you read that right.  Due to an outpouring of requests for its return (and BTI's stomach flu), Bryan the Intern's Picks to Click is making a triumphant return this morning and promising all of the disappointment, heart break, racism and horrid viewpoints you so desperately need at 10 am.  Mel Gibson is so excited he dressed up like Wilford Brimley and, by the looks of it, has spent the past few months eating his way to an increased risk of diabeetus.  But, worry not, my friends.  There's no risk here.  Just some good, old fashioned links.  Enjoy...  - In a story about how Bruce Pearl (supposedly) failed to recognize his own house in a picture, added an interesting little note at the end.  Where in the world are Bruce Pearl and assistants Tony Jones and Steve Forbes?  Well, out on the recruiting trail, of course.  It turns out that their suspensions won't start for another week and a half when, I would assume, it's going to be awfully tough to get off campus anyway.  You know, with actual basketball team responsibilities on their plate.  - Suck it, Jeter.  - I dont know when this is coming out, but I saw on that DeAndre Liggins has earned the role of "prominent UK player" on the cover of this year's Lindy's Magazine.  It also looks like Lindy's hired the courtroom sketch artist from the Sypher trial.  Good for them. deandre-liggins-lindys

I guess that wasn't really a link.  Oh well.

- For some reason or another, Reggie Bush's decision to hand over his Heisman has captivated the nation.  But, according to Sports By Brooks, it's not the first time a Heisman candidate took cash as an amateur.  Apparently LSU's Billy Cannon took $10,000 from Pete Rozelle prior to the 1960 Rose Bowl and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.   - In a strange role reversal, Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard is suing the mother of his child for $500 million.  Howard says the money is due to him for things she has said to the media and for appearing on the show "Basketball Wives".  It is also exactly half of the total amount that viewers of "Basketball Wives" are asking for in reparations.  - Enes Kanter?  Eric Bledsoe?  Pete Thamel?  C'mon, man.  The week is almost over.  Just put on your happy face.  BTI will be back tomorrow. 

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